AEW star Scorpio Sky would ‘school’ Jake Paul in a bout

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Scorpio Sky, the AEW star during a recent interview with Chris Muller of Bleacher Report talked about having a bout with YouTube star, Jake Paul.

Scorpio Sky claims he could dominate Jake Paul in a fight

Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky who is currently signed with AEW had a brief stint in the field of MMA. However, eventually he decided to follow a path in the world of wrestling and ended up in the squared circle.

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During the interview, he spoke about squaring off against Youtube celebrity, Jake Paul if an opportunity knocks at the door. Paul had recently knocked out former NBA star, Nate Robinson in a fight.

Scorpio Sky said, “I was watching that YouTube guy who fought Nate Robinson. I wouldn’t mind fighting him. That would be fun I think it was Jake Paul. It was a viral thing that he knocked Robinson out. He wouldn’t knock me out like that, I can tell you right now.”

The SCU member then said that he does not intend to challenge Paul for a match but said he would be glad to ‘school’ Jake Paul.

Scorpio Sky said, “I am not throwing out any challenges but if the opportunity presented itself and made sense, I would be glad to school him a little bit.”

Jake’s brother, Logan Paul is set to clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr.,who is coming out of retirement for a boxing bout schedule to take place in February.

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During the interview, Sky also spoke about a potential tag-team bout at a special event of AEW. He said he would like to team up with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to collide with the Paul brothers.

He said, “Maybe we can do a special event with AEW and boxing, and we can do a tag team match with me and Floyd Mayweather Jr. against the Paul brothers.”

It is to be seen how Jake Paul would respond to the remarks made by the AEW star and who knows, we might actually witness the proposed about at an AEW event in the near future.

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