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Scientific facts about the game in the casino, which will be of interest to Amunra users

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Most of the facts about gambling entertainment tells more about the principles of games and general statistics, such as what age or sex people are more likely to register on the sites, how popular a particular game in a particular country. Many users of gambling platforms, including Amunra, are tired of this flow of information, which, in fact, has no impact on them. It will be much more interesting to learn about some features of the human psyche associated with gambling entertainment, because this will not only help to understand to some extent their own actions, but perhaps provide an incentive to come up with new strategies to increase the likelihood of financial profit.

Are they really playing just to get winnings?

A few years ago, scientists from Japan were puzzled by the question of why people choose casinos, including Amunra, as a permanent hobby. It turned out that the probability of winning is not the only reason. Many called the incentive to enter gambling sites and the possibility of getting adrenaline.

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Further, American scientists took up this issue. They set up an experiment in which several macaques participated. The animals were offered two games to choose from. In one game the prize was 10 milliliters of water, and in another 3 milliliters of water. Surprisingly, in the end, the subjects understood that the result of the competition was different and chose more often games that had more «valuable» prizes.

But the scientists didn’t stop there. They decided to check how the activity of the prefrontal cortex of the brain affects the course of games. This part of the body (both of a person and his ancestor) is largely responsible for the emotional background and its manifestation outside. The experiment of scientists implied that the activity of this part of the brain would be somewhat suppressed.

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The result really hit. When the prefrontal cortex was in a dormant state, so to speak, macaques made more informed decisions. In particular, they chose a game in which the prize is less valuable, but it is guaranteed.

According to the results of this experiment, it is possible to understand some features of the psyche of people who choose as their main hobby games in casinos, for example, in Amunra. So, the desire to spin the reels of slots or spread out the cards in poker is not always determined by rational reasons, that is, the desire to make a profit. More often this is a feature of the activity of the prefrontal cortex, which “can’t wait” to get pleasant emotions. Indeed, we can say that excitement is not only “in our blood”, but also “in the brain”.

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How much does the life of a person who prefers gambling change?

Indeed, Amunra players note that the games presented on the site are colorful, interesting, which, of course, can not but cheer up. It is because of banal boredom or despondency that many users open sites with gambling entertainment. But can we scientifically explain this seemingly unconscious craving scientifically?

In fact, American scientists have asked this question. They found out that we humans are attracted to games in which you can get adrenaline emotions, at the genetic level. The fact is that, according to researchers, permanent gamblers are easier and more comfortable to survive stressful situations.

In the course of a study, a group of scientists from the United States managed to find out that casino users have an average level of the stress hormone lower by almost 20 percent than people who do not consider gambling their hobby.

And the results of other studies do suggest that the game allows you to improve the quality of life. It turned out that people who actively play poker are less likely to suffer from memory disorders, and those who cope with Alzheimer’s disease feel generally better when holding regular competitions. 

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