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The Devil’s Hour: Rennes earns the wrath of nearby localites after blaring Champions League anthem at 3 AM

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Rennes celebrated their automatic qualification to the group stage of the Champions League with a rendition of the tournament’s iconic anthem in their home ground. The ploy, however, proceeded to anger the residents near the Roazhon Park who did not find it amusing. 


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With only 2 teams from Ligue 1 earning automatic qualification, Rennes, who finished third in the league, were penned down for the next year’s Champions League qualification round which can get tricky at times. However, after Sevilla eliminated Wolves in the quarter-finals, Rennes’ place in Europe’s most elite competition was confirmed.

To commemorate the historic occasion, the club held a special function at their home stadium in the early hours of the morning. The celebrations included the blasting of the iconic Champions League anthem through the PA system in the ground.

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The club even released an official post on social media which saw a DJ playing the anthem. Celebrations lasted a little longer as the initial video was posted as early as 11 PM local time.

Rennes’ residents were confused and unhappy with the incident

The people living near the stadium were alarmed due to the noise during the odd hour. One resident claimed that the noise was extremely loud.

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“The music was extremely loud,” one local resident told Ouest-France. “I honestly think everyone must have been woken up. It sounded even louder than on matchdays!” 

A video was circulated on social media which showed the Champions League anthem being played in the empty stadium at 3:25 in the night.

While Rennes are yet to respond or put out any statement, the club’s president Nicolas Holveck claimed that there was a small gathering at the stadium.

“We had a small event at the stadium with the employees and some players, We experienced this among members of Stade Rennais, with the greatest respect for the sanitary conditions in force. It’s a very, very beautiful evening, with a fantastic outcome.”

Rennes enjoyed a fruitful campaign under Julian Stephan and secured the third finish by just a point. The Ligue 1 campaign was not completed and Paris Saint-Germain were crowned as the champions with nine games left to play.

The residents can now experience the Champions League anthem at a reasonable time in the next season when teams come to the Roazhon Park as part of the group stage fixtures. And more, if Rennes play their cards right.

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