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Philadelphia 76ers GM reportedly wants to bring James Harden in from the Nets

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Philadelphia 76ers have got their hands full when it comes to issues with point guards. The franchise are tackling the on and off issues with Ben Simmons, but GM Daryl Morey has a bigger target in his sights. 

Philadelphia 76ers GM reportedly wants to bring James Harden in from the Nets

The former Rockets GM is keen on reuniting with James Harden. The duo enjoyed a prolific partnership from 2012 till last year. The arc marked the rise of Harden from a youngster from Oklahoma City Thunder to a consistent MVP candidate.

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Stephen A Smith hinted that Morey could make a move for James Harden while the Brooklyn Nets are engrossed in the Kyrie Irving vaccination saga.

“Now you might lose James Harden because Daryl Morey is lurking in Philadelphia. Don’t think for one second that Daryl Morey ain’t trying to get his hands on James Harden. I’m telling you what I know.”

Morey had tried to acquire the services of Harden in the past as well

After departing from the Rockets, Morey tried to bring in Harden with him to Philadelphia. This was a time when Harden wanted an exit from the franchise. However, the deal could not materialize due to Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta. He sanctioned Harden’s move to the Nets instead of the 76ers to not give Morey the satisfaction.

With Fertitta, not part of the equation anymore, Morey could potentially make another attempt to reunite with the ace player.

The star player will become a free agent after the end of the upcoming season and he had recently expressed his desire to experience free agency for the first time in his career. In an interview for ESPN with Mallika Andrews, he said:

“You know, I think over the course of my career I’ve never been a free agent before, so I’ve always just been loyal and just signed it, you know, the contract extension. Just being there, being there, being there. I just want to take my time with it. It would be very, very difficult to leave here, or to even leave Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving.

Even if a trade were to take place, Ben Simmons emerges as the viable trade candidate. 76ers have been looking hard over the course of the off-season to find a guard. They initially pursued Portland TrailBlazers’ Damian Lillard, but he chose to remain loyal and remain with the franchise.

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