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PETA wants MLB to use a more animal friendly term instead of Bullpen

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PETA recently raised an issue against the term Bullpen used in MLB. Bullpen is the place where players warm up befor a game. The term had been in user for over 100 years now but it was only after Chandler Rome made a tweet about Ryan Pressly warming up at the Bullpen that PETA decided to raise its concerns over the insensitive term. Whether PETA’s request will be considered by MLB or not is not know, but the fans will surely not be happy about it.

According to PETA, bullpen is a place where the animals are kept before they are slaughtered. It is a terrifying place for the poor animals. Instead MLB can replace the word with ‘arm barn’.

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“Strike out the word ‘bullpen’ in favor of a more modern, animal-friendly term.”


Arm barn sounds weird but so is bullpen. Tracy Reiman, PETA executive said, “Words matter, and baseball ‘bullpens’ devalue talented players and mock the misery of sensitive animals.”

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Shohei Ohtani picks up two Players Choice Awards

On Thursday the Angels star, added the Players Choice Awards to his collection. He was chosen by most of the player as the Major League Baseball Player of The Year and American League Outstanding Player 2021. He was also given the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award. Max Scherzer won National League Outstanding Pitcher award. Nax was recently acquired by the Dodgers after Washington Nationals traded him on July 30th.

While these events received a lot of media coverage but on the other hand, there was almost little to no attention was paid to the reinstatement of Brandon Taubman. He was reinstated 1 year ago and the MLB has not announced anything about his return to the League yet.

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On the night the Astros won against the Yankees, Brandon had reportedly targetted a female reporter who was very vocal about domestic violence. He was suspended for the same.


  • PETA claims bullpen is insensitive to animals and MLB should use arm barn instead.
  • Shohei Othani won two Players Choice Awards.
  • Brabdon Taubman reinstated after the Astros scandal.
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