Paul Heyman hails Roman Reigns as the ‘single biggest’ WWE superstar at present

Paul Heyman
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Paul Heyman, the Special Counsel to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns spoke about ‘The Tribal Chief’ during the latest edition of Talking Smack on Saturday Morning.

Paul Heyman speaks highly of Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman

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During the Talking Smack edition, Paul Heyman talked about the upcoming WWE Survivor Series event. The event will see Roman Reigns clash with either Drew McIntyre or Randy Orton as WWE Champion.

He said irrespective of who the ‘Tribal Chief’ squares off against, all eyes will be set on him. He explained that Reigns is the most important champion and the current ‘biggest star of the industry’, while others will remain as the less important ones.

Paul Heyman hails Roman Reigns as the 'single biggest' WWE superstar at present - THE SPORTS ROOM

Paul Heyman said, “Whomever walks into Survivor Series, as the second most important champion in WWE, will remain just that when they step into the ring against the single biggest superstar in the entire industry today.”

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‘The Viper’ Randy Orton is set to defend his WWE Championship against the former holder of the title, Drew McIntyre on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Heyman said that he and ‘The Tribal Chief’ would have to come up with the strategies in the next six days.

Heyman said, “He is prepared for the variable that this Raw can present to him. We will have six days to strategize and prepare for whomever will fall at the feet of The Tribal Chief.”

Paul Heyman on how his role differs from being with Reigns and Lesnar

Heyman said that there is a difference in his role while being with Reigns and Lesnar. He said, he was an Advocate of Lesnar and now he is a Counsel to Reigns.

He explained “The difference between serving as Special Counsel than serving as an Advocate, is that I don’t need to advocate Roman’s position. He advocates it just fine himself. I only counsel him on what his position should be.”

Paul Heyman hails Roman Reigns as the 'single biggest' WWE superstar at present - THE SPORTS ROOM

He also spoke about the situation regarding Reigns’ cousin, Jey Uso. “When he wants to speak publicly about the Jey Uso situation [or any other matter], he shall, and will do so eloquently, and credibly,” said Heyman.

WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view is scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 22 at WWE Thunderdome at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

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