Pat Patterson wanted Dolph Ziggler to get a ‘push’ in WWE

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Pat Patterson, the WWE Hall of Famer who recently passed away had urged Vince McMahon to give Dolph Ziggler a ‘push’, as Dave Meltzer reported. He had joined Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho podcast to pay tribute to the WWE legend.

We gotta push Dolph: Dave Meltzer reveals the backstage talks by Pat Patterson about Dolph Ziggler

Pat Patterson

Dolph Ziggler is one of the talented stars of the company and currently works as a mid-card wrestler. During the podcast, Dave Meltzer said that Pat Patterson was liked by everyone.

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He and Chris Jericho discussed how Patterson wanted to push wrestlers. A prominent name which came up was Dolph Ziggler.

Jericho reckoned that some wrestlers did not get ‘push’ because Vince McMahon never wanted to do so. This was very damaging for the company.

Meltzer said, “there’s always gonna be some people who don’t like you but for the most part, it always felt like everybody liked to be around him.”

Jericho stated that Pat Patterson could get away with certain jokes because everyone knew they were harmless. However, he was not a ‘yes’ man and opined directly about the matters.

Pat Patterson wanted Dolph Ziggler to get a 'push' in WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

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This had resulted the former WWE Intercontinental Champion get some heat in the backstage but Pat Patterson always defended Dolph Ziggler in the meetings and urged to get him pushed.

Jericho said, “Pat would always stand up for Dolph Ziggler in the booking meetings. [He would say], ‘we gotta push Dolph, we gotta push Dolph, we gotta push Dolph.’”

The former WWE star explained that Vince wanted to do exactly the opposite of what Patterson had proposed.

The first-ever WWE Intercontinental Champion had voiced his opinions about several stars and but Vince found it funny to get heat off Ziggler and Patterson. Instead of giving the ‘push’, he ‘buried’ Ziggler.

Pat Patterson wanted Dolph Ziggler to get a 'push' in WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

Jericho said, “I think that almost led to Dolph getting heat for it to where they would start doing the opposite just to pi*s Pat off just to have him lose a lot. You know how Vince thinks. Let’s rib Pat and bury Dolph Ziggler because it’s funny to me even though it’s a detriment to your company to do that.

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