Nick Jackson carps at COVID-19 deniers

Nick Jackson
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Nick Jackson is a member of The Young Bucks alongside his brother Matt Jackson. Nick recently took to his social media account and criticized the people who deny the importance of the deadly disease, COVID-19.

Nick Jackson lambastes the deniers of the virus

The COVID-19 disease has taken many lives not only in the pro wrestling world but across all the places globally. Many had contracted with the Novel Coronavirus and they had recovered. Nick Jackson, the AEW star recently took to his Instagram account and shared his experience when he was down with the life-threatening virus.

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The Young Bucks' Nick Jackson details battle with COVID-19

He also spoke about the COVID deniers who do not accept the how deadly the virus could be. Nick said the virus had kept him bedridden for several weeks when he contracted the virus in early September last year and revealed the symptoms he faced.

He said, “Crazy to think there’s still COVID deniers out there in the world. I had a pretty bad case of COVID in early September that kept me bed ridden for nearly 3 weeks. I couldn’t taste or smell for 2 and a half months. At one point my whole body had hives on it and my doctor said that it was definitely from COVID.”

Nick also revealed how his brother, Matt Jackson, had to carry most of the load during their matches after he made his comeback recovering from COVID.

He said, “Matt had to do the majority of the work in matches once I returned safely because I couldn’t catch my breath. My cardio is finally back but it took months to finally feel like myself again. Let’s protect each other and wear a mask.”

What The Young Bucks achieved since Nick’s return

After battling with COVID-19 for few weeks, Nick made his comeback and went onto defeat FTR alongside his brother Matt to capture the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Full Gear pay-per-view. They have also won against the teams like Top Flight, TH2, and The Acclaimed recently.

Young Bucks Win AEW World Tag Team Titles at Full Gear

At the end of AEW Dynamite’s New Year’s Smash Night One there was a Bullet Club reunion and fans will have the opportunity to witnness The Elite reuniting in action this coming week. It has been also announced for New Year’s Smash Night Two, that the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will team up with the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks in a six-man tag team match.