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NBA has no plans to halt the season amid an alarming increase in cases

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Despite the concerning increase in the number of positive cases as of late, the NBA has reportedly no plans to suspend the season. The league apparently anticipated such a situation and has prepared the fixtures accordingly ahead of the season start in December.

A number of players have been forced to sit out as a result of testing positive or coming in contact with a person contracting the virus. The increasing number has forced the teams to field weaker squads or in some cases, barely a squad at all for the matches. The situation is getting dire as matches are being postponed due to safety concerns.

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Celtics-Heat becomes the latest game to be postponed due to safety concerns (InsideSport)

NBA will continue to trust their health and safety protocols and back their medical experts with the season running as per schedule. NBA spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN in a statement. He elaborated:

“We anticipated that there would be game postponements this season and planned the schedule accordingly, There are no plans to pause the season, and we will continue to be guided by our medical experts and health and safety protocols.”

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However, the franchises are not pleased with the call to resume the season under such circumstances. Several team executives have privately voiced their concerns but commissioner Adam Silver remains adamant. He plans to push the season with a minimum of eight available players until the availability of the vaccine for use.

NBA confident that the situation will improve as the season progresses

16 NBA players test positive for COVID-19
The team general managers are worried that the situation might escalate if the season is not halted now. (Anadolu Agency)

The league remain confident that this volatile stage will pass and have affirmed the same to the team general managers, who are concerned about the future.

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“They tell us it’ll be better later in the season, but I just hope this doesn’t break the league in the next few weeks,” one general manager told ESPN

Right from the very first day of the season, COVID-19 has had a say in the proceedings. Several star players have missed the action on the court due to the virus with the lit comprising of James Harden, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Bradley Beal.

Moreover, the franchises have had to bear the brunt of it as well, with Philadelphia 76ers having had to field an injured player for their fixture against Denver Nuggets, just to have the minimum number of players.

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