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NBA set to bring back anonymous hotline to uphold safety standards for 2020-21 season

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Banking on the success the anonymous safety hotline achieved in the bubble, the NBA are reportedly keen to bring back for the upcoming season. The hotline allows players to anonymously report their peers if they are found to be flouting any sort of safety regulations set in place. 

With the regular season start less than a month away, not many changes are expected to be implemented when it comes to the functioning of the hotline.

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The anonymous safety hotline might be here to stay after all. (USA Today/ Distractify)

The system which was brought in during the restart in the bubble saw early success with several players reportedly voicing their concerns directly to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

“Sources informed me that multiple players are personally calling commissioner Adam Silver to issue their complaints about things they are seeing in the bubble,” a source stated

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Officials initially feared that the hotline would be misused, but the players have taken the gravity of the situation into consideration leading to the system’s success. Moreover, the season restart in the bubble saw no new positive cases emerge.

Not all players on board with the hotline being brought back 

NBA Suspends Season After Jazz All-Star Rudy Gobert Tests Positive For  Coronavirus
Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert openly spoke about the “pettiness” behind the concept of the hotline. (Forbes)

While the general consensus is positive when it comes to the hotline, a small fraction of the players are apparently not pleased with the system. They deem the use of the anonymous hotline as “petty” and borderline snitching.

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NBA’s first positive coronavirus case Rudy Gobert had proclaimed back in July that the hotline won’t be helpful at all.

I don’t know if someone’s gonna use it, but I think it’s sort of petty, At the same time, you want to make sure that people respect the rules.

“But I don’t think the line will really help at that point. I think it’s more about respecting each other and all do it as a small community. Everyone is pretty much educated about the virus at this point and it’s more about respect.

At the same time, you want to make sure you socialize and do all those things, but still respecting each other’s space and try to wear the mask inside, especially when it’s crowded.”

With the season expanding out of the bubble, the players won’t be around each other as compared to earlier. This raises doubts as to whether the hotline would be effective like it was in the bubble.

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