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Damian Lillard a trade candidate for New York Knicks

Damian Lillard is being considered as a candidate for a prospective trade by New York Knicks, who wish to strengthen their squad with a point guard.

New York Knicks eye Damian Lillard trade

The Knicks are having a solid season and on the bank of their recent stellar streak, are placed fourth in the Eastern Conference table.

With a higher salary cap than any other franchise, and a plethora of first-round picks, the Knicks are in a healthy position to offer a trade.

However, their pick Damian Lillard is the epitome of loyalty, which is hardly relevant in the NBA these days.

After being picked as the number six pick in the first round back in 2012, the guard has remained with Portland Trail Blazers to date.

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According to a report from Yahoo Sports by Chris Haynes, with whom the player is close, claims that the guard is losing patience with the passive approach of the franchise’s organization.

Lillard must take the onus and recognize the pattern: His inaction has led to inaction. He has been a constant professional and in return, it’s made central figures throughout the organization comfortable.

Lillard plays through numerous injuries that go unreported and is one of the most durable players in the NBA. In a condensed season where the path to a title is pretty wide open, the Trail Blazers are proving to be playoff bait yet again.” Haynes wrote in his column

Lillard is currently in the race for the most number of points scored as the TrailBlazers currently hold the seventh spot in the table.

Other factors that favour the deal is the bond between Lillard and Knicks assistant coach Johnnie Bryant with both being natives of Oakland, California.

Lillard responded to the claims made regarding a trade

The Trailblazers recorded a win over league leaders Brooklyn Nets where Lillard recorded 32 points and top scored in the process. The franchise next take on the Boston Celtics.

“I took it for what it was. That’s [Haynes’] thoughts. I was kind of, what word should I use, not irritated with him because he’s a writer and that’s what he does. But I know because of our relationship people would assume I was tied to the story. That was the only thing that bothered me about it.’’ Lillard said

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