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Lamar Jackson’s Weight Loss, A Strategic Move for Agility?

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has made headlines this offseason by shedding weight to enhance his agility on the field. The decision to slim down has sparked discussions among fans, analysts, and fellow players.

Following a recent segment on ESPN’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, a tweet by the show’s official account (@TheHerd) captured the essence of the discussion:

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“That’s not a winning recipe in the NFL.” @jasonrmcintyre on Lamar Jackson losing weight to become more “agile”

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Colin Cowherd’s sentiment, echoed by analyst Jason McIntyre, highlights the concerns surrounding Lamar Jackson’s weight loss.

Lamar Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey


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Lamar Jackson, who played at 215 pounds last year and weighed 230 pounds during the 2022 season, has dropped down to 205 pounds. His motivation? To regain the agility he possessed earlier in his career. Jackson’s ability to move swiftly in and out of the pocket has been a defining trait, and he aims to recapture that explosiveness.

The Agile Quarterback

Why is agility crucial for an NFL quarterback? Here are some reasons:

  1. Evading Pass Rushers: In today’s pass-heavy league, quarterbacks face relentless pressure from opposing defenses. Being agile allows a quarterback to sidestep pass rushers, extend plays, and find open receivers downfield.
  2. Scrambling Ability: Agile quarterbacks can escape collapsing pockets, turn broken plays into positive gains, and keep defenses guessing. Jackson’s elusiveness has often left defenders grasping at air.
  3. Improved Accuracy on the Move: When a quarterback can move fluidly, they maintain better balance and accuracy while throwing on the run. Jackson’s weight loss could enhance his ability to deliver accurate passes while evading tacklers.

The Debate

Critics argue that Jackson’s weight loss might compromise his durability. NFL quarterbacks take hits, and a lighter frame could make him more susceptible to injuries. However, Jackson’s commitment to strength training and conditioning should mitigate these concerns.

Jason McIntyre’s Take

Lamar Jackson’s Weight Loss, A Strategic Move for Agility? - THE SPORTS ROOM

As mentioned in the Twitter post, Jason McIntyre believes that Jackson’s weight loss isn’t a winning recipe in the NFL. While agility is essential, it must be balanced with durability and overall health. McIntyre’s skepticism raises valid points, but only time will reveal the true impact of Lamar Jackson’s transformation.


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