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Lakers Boss and New HC JJ Redick Explains Lebron James’ Role in Him Getting the Job

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The Los Angeles Lakers recently appointed JJ Redick as their new head coach, a decision that raised eyebrows due to his lack of coaching experience. However, Redick, a 15-year NBA veteran, brings a wealth of basketball knowledge to the role.

During his introductory press conference, Redick shed light on LeBron James’ involvement in the hiring process.

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In the tweet JJ Redick said: ‘LeBron and I didn’t talk about the Lakers job’ JJ Redick says LeBron didn’t want to be involved in Lakers HC search.”

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This statement from Redick sheds light on the hiring process and dispels potential speculation about undue influence from LeBron James, a star player for the Lakers. Redick’s transparency fosters trust and underlines the organization’s commitment to a fair and objective coaching selection.

Lebron James’s Supportive Stance

Lakers Boss and New HC JJ Redick Explains Lebron James' Role in Him Getting the Job - THE SPORTS ROOM

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Redick clarified that he and LeBron James did not discuss the Lakers job until Thursday afternoon, approximately 30 minutes after Redick received the offer. This intentional delay was rooted in mutual respect and friendship. Redick stated, “I didn’t want to go down the path of hypotheticals with someone that I consider a friend and someone that I have a great amount of respect for.”

Anthony Davis’ Active Role

While LeBron maintained a supportive but hands-off approach, Anthony Davis took a different stance. The Lakers’ star forward was “very involved” in the process, according to Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka.

JJ Redick expressed excitement about the opportunity, acknowledging that the job was about more than just coaching. He recognized the influence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, both considered among the greatest players ever. Redick’s plan includes utilizing LeBron “more off the ball,” a strategy that aligns with the Lakers’ goals. Despite the challenges ahead, Redick is eager to lead the team and build a strong team for the future that might not involve Lebron.

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