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Dyson Daniels opens up on Kevin Durant’s trash-talking- “lil ass b*tch you can’t guard me”

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Trash talk is an integral part of NBA culture. Players use it to get into their opponents’ heads, elevate their own game, and create memorable moments. One such moment involved Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns superstar, and Dyson Daniels, the New Orleans Pelicans’ rising star.

ClutchPoints, dedicated to delivering the latest NBA news and insights, captured Daniels’ comments on Kevin Durant’s trash-talking style. The tweet reads:

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“Bump you & hit a fadeaway & say ‘lil ass btch you can’t guard me’… He’ll tell me what he’s gonna do… He was in the post talking to me, he hit a turnaround fader & said ‘hold this motherfcker.’”

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The tweet emphasizes the nature of Durant’s trash talk, a blend of confidence and skill on display. It also highlights the instructional aspect, with Durant informing Daniels of his intentions before showcasing his offensive prowess.

The KD Encounter


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Dyson Daniels, a 21-year-old Australian baller, found himself face-to-face with the Slim Reaper himself—Kevin Durant. The intensity was palpable. Daniels recently shared his experience on The Howie Games, a podcast hosted by Mark Howard. When asked about trash talk, Daniels hesitated, then admitted, “It’s a lot of swear words.”

Kevin Durant’s Game Plan


Durant, known for his scoring prowess and icy demeanour, had a game plan. He whispered to Daniels, predicting his next move. “He’s going to hit a turnaround fader,” Durant said, and just like that, he did it. The shot dropped, and Durant added insult to injury: “Hold this motherf**ker.”

Daniels’ Reaction


The young Pelicans star was caught off guard. He didn’t have a comeback ready. Instead, he sat in the corner, waiting for his chance to retaliate. Daniels later admitted, “I would love to get involved in more trash talk.” Unfortunately, he didn’t get that opportunity against the seasoned superstar.



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