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Kyrie Irving Reveals What Makes Luka Doncic Such a Special Closer

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In the world of basketball, some partnerships seem destined from the start. Others, however, surprise us with their chemistry and impact. The pairing of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic falls into the latter category. When Irving joined the Dallas Mavericks midway through last season, few could have predicted the magic that would unfold.

Kyrie, a seasoned playoff veteran himself, recently took to Twitter (@NBA) to acknowledge the talents of a rising star:

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Kyrie Irving talks about what makes Luka such a special closer #NBAConferenceFinals presented by Google Pixel.

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Irving’s praise for Luka Doncic highlights the unique skillset that makes Doncic a force to be reckoned with in clutch situations.

Kyrie Irving’s Redemption


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Irving arrived in Dallas after a disappointing tenure with the Brooklyn Nets. His struggles on and off the court had left fans questioning his future. But the Mavericks saw something in him—a spark waiting to reignite. They offered him a fresh start, and Irving seized the opportunity. His scoring prowess, ball-handling wizardry, and leadership qualities began to shine once again.

Luka Doncic’s Rise

Meanwhile, Luka Doncic continued his meteoric rise. The Slovenian sensation had already captured hearts with his triple-doubles, step-back threes, and court vision. But when Kyrie stepped onto the court alongside him, something clicked. Their styles complemented each other seamlessly. Luka’s basketball IQ combined with Kyrie’s creativity resulted in breathtaking plays—the kind that leave fans in awe.

The Postgame Moment


After a hard-fought victory in Game 6 of the playoffs, Luka Doncic shared his thoughts on Kyrie:

“When he came, nothing but supportive of everything I did, everything we did. Helped me mature a lot, to see the game in a different way. Obviously, on the court, it’s amazing to play with a guy like him. Just go out there, enjoy, and the leader he’s been for us, not just for me, but for us has been amazing. Always positive energy.”

Kyrie reciprocated the sentiment:

“He’s a winner. I’m a winner. He’s a big gamer. I’m a big gamer. We like going out there and competing. Luka means a lot to me.”

Their postgame embrace captured the essence of their partnership—a blend of mentorship, mutual respect, and a shared hunger for victory.


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