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Jason Kidd explains why Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are working out so well

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In the ever-evolving landscape of NBA history, certain player combinations stand out. Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, both exceptional talents in their own right, have come together to form a backcourt that has fans buzzing. But what makes this pairing so special?

A recent Twitter post by the NBA (@NBA) captured the essence of the discussion:

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“There’s a debate out there ‘is this the best backcourt in NBA history?’… that’s kinda cool” – Jason Kidd gives an excellent answer on why Luka and Kyrie are working out so well.

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Head coach Jason Kidd’s response highlights the intrigue surrounding this dynamic duo.

Kyrie Irving’s Redemption


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Kyrie Irving’s arrival in Dallas was met with curiosity. After a disappointing stint with the Brooklyn Nets, questions loomed over his future. Would he regain his form? Could he mesh with the Mavericks’ system? The answers came swiftly. Irving’s scoring prowess, ball-handling wizardry, and leadership qualities began to shine once again. His redemption story unfolded on the court, and the Mavs reaped the benefits.

Luka Doncic’s Meteoric Rise


Meanwhile, Luka Doncic continued his ascent. The Slovenian sensation had already captured hearts with his triple-doubles, step-back threes, and court vision. When Kyrie joined him, something magical happened. Their styles complemented each other seamlessly. Luka’s basketball IQ combined with Kyrie’s creativity resulted in breathtaking plays—the kind that leave fans in awe.

Jason Kidd’s Insight

Recently, former NBA star Jason Kidd weighed in on the duo. He acknowledged the ongoing debate about whether they constitute the best backcourt in NBA history. Kidd’s response? “That’s kinda cool.” His succinct words capture the essence of their partnership. Kidd recognizes the chemistry, the flair, and the impact they bring to the game.


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