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Kayla Braxton reveals being harassed 14 times by a fan

Kayla Braxton is quite a familiar face to the WWE fans as she works in the company as a backstage interviewer and has gained quite a popularity with her recent amusing segments with Paul Heyman. She also has an impressive 200k followers on Twitter. However, sometimes the fans cross the limits and could become a matter of concern. Kayla Braxton recently revealed a disturbing story of a fan who had been harassing her on social media for a while and has taken it too far.

Kayla Braxton blocked the fan 14 times

kayla braxton

With a large following, Braxton regularly receives messages from her fans. One of those followers has taken it too far. According to Kayla Braxton, the fan in question has convinced themselves that they are in a romantic relationship with her.

The reason behind this delusion is that a catfisher is talking to the fan on social media and is pretending to be Braxton. She added that she’s blocked the fan 14 times on Twitter.

“I’ve had to block the same person on here using different user names – and I’m not exaggerating here – 14 times. Ive counted. This person is convinced we have a romantic relationship because they’re talking to someone who is pretending to be me. Both sides of this – please stop,” wrote Braxton.

You can check out the Tweet below:

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Kayla Braxton is just one of several wrestling personalities who have suffered because of fans getting catfished. As per Business, here’s what the term means:

“Catfishing is deception at its very core. A catfish creates a fake online identity in order to lure victims.”

WWE star Seth Rollins also faced a similar incident when was attacked by a fan last year, during an episode of RAW. It was later revealed that the fan had been scammed by a person pretending to be Rollins. The fan took his frustration out by attacking Rollins on live TV, before being caught.

The former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss also sent a message to her fans, urging them not to fall for catfishers pretending to be her on social media.


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