Karrion Kross expresses anger over the TV absence of former WWE star

karrion kross
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The former NXT Champion Karrion Kross is seemingly furious with the treatment that the former WWE star Paul London is receiving in the pro-wrestling industry. The former NXT star has backed London and gave his thought on his social media account.

Karrion Kross backs Paul London

karrion kross paul london

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Paul London was one of the popular stars in WWE back in the 2000s. He recently posted a tweet stating that he is accepting bookings for matches, seminars, and backstage roles. Karrion Kross decided to show his support for the former WWE star and wrote on Twitter that it makes him “very angry” not to see Paul London on his TV every week. London also reacted to it.

“Paul London should be on my television every week. It makes me very angry that he’s not,” said Karrion Kross.

The fellow WWE star Kevin Owens also weighed in and posted a tweet, speaking highly of Paul London.

“Sometimes you’re just going about your day and Paul London comes along out of nowhere and absolutely makes your day. What a legend!” said Kevin Owens.

You can check out the Tweets below:

Karrion Kross and Paul London were a tag-team

It was back in 2018, when Karrion Kross and Paul London had teamed up on several occasions and worked in Lucha Underground. Their second outing as partners took place on on edition of Lucha Underground. It was a Three-Way Tag Team Match for the Lucha Underground Trio Tag Team Championship. Kross and London teamed up with El Bunny in a losing effort on that night.

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During his stint in WWE, London was a mid-carder and is a three-time WWE/World Tag Team Champion and a former Cruiserweight Champion as well. While, Kross is currently appearing on WWE RAW, a

Back in 2015, London had opened up on a possible return:

“WWE is just not a flavour that really appeals to me unless they would throw an insane amount of money at me to go back to that environment. Japan is different. I would love to have the opportunity to go back to Japan. That being said, I would love to go back to the big stage, but it’s not a priority right now. I like the fact I’m traveling and getting to know new cultures,” said Paul.

We will see if eventually, he makes a return to WWE.