Jon Moxley reveals Ric Flair blamed him for getting arrested at the airport

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Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) recently sat for an interview with Metro. During the interview he spoke about the experience he had with WWE legend Ric Flair when they both were drunk and The Nature Boy was arrested at the airport.

Jon Moxley recalls the surreal experience with Ric Flair

Jon Moxley

The wrestlers partying, getting drunk and getting arrested were very much common back in the 80s. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair who is known for parying even in his 70s had involved himself in a controversial incident when he got drunk and moreover got arrested at the airport.

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Jon Moxley who had worked with Flair in WWE during his time in the company between 2012-2019 shed light on the incident during the interview.

Jon Moxley said that after partying with the Naitch, the veteran star got arrested but blamed Moxley for the repurcussions. He said:

“Getting drunk with Ric Flair, he gets arrested at the airport and he’s walking round telling people I got him arrested at the airport. I’m like, ‘OK Ric! I wasn’t twisting your arm to order double Bloody Marys at 2:30 in the morning.’ I’m like, ‘I’m hanging out with Ric Flair, this is crazy, what kind of life am I living?!’

He added: “I’ve been very blessed to transport myself into the universe that I watched and wondered over as kid. Sometimes I have to be like, ‘What the hell is going on? How did this become my life?’ But it’s pretty cool!”

Jon Moxley also reflected on having a blessed career because he got the opportunity to have the life that he has and also worked number of legends including Jim Ross and Sting in AEW.

Ric Flair had encountered issues with the law on multiple occassions. He was issued an arrest warrant back in 2005 as he was involved in an incident on the road. He had also declared bankruptcy after his business broke down and also had to settle a few lawsuits in the past.

The 16-time world champion had also revealed last year that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon helped him with financial assistance by lending him a staggering amount of $800,000.

Ric Flair is currently featured in WWE programming and involved in a storyline with his daughter Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans.