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Javon Baker Opens up on What He Brings to the Patriots’ – “I Make People in wheelchairs stand up”

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Javon Baker, born on February 18, 2002, is an American football wide receiver who has now found a home with the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL). His journey from college football at Alabama Crimson Tide to the UCF Knights prepared him for the next level of competition.

Bleacher Report captured his enthusiasm in a recent tweet:

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“Bring your popcorn. I Make People in wheelchairs stand up”

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Javon Baker’s arrival injects fresh energy into a Patriots receiving group that lacked a true deep threat in recent seasons. Let’s delve deeper into what Javon Baker brings to the table and how he might fit into the Patriots’ offensive scheme.

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Javon Baker’s Collegiate Success

Javon Baker Opens up on What He Brings to the Patriots’ - "I Make People in wheelchairs stand up" - THE SPORTS ROOM

Baker established himself as a standout receiver at the University of Kentucky. Known for his exceptional speed and leaping ability, he racked up impressive stats throughout his college career. In his senior year, Baker recorded over 1,000 receiving yards and double-digit touchdowns, solidifying his status as a top draft prospect.

The Patriots’ offense has lacked a consistent deep threat in recent years. Baker’s speed and ability to stretch the field will be a welcome addition for quarterback Mac Jones. He can create vertical spacing for underneath routes and force defenses to respect his downfield presence.

Baker’s arrival adds depth and competition to the Patriots’ receiving group. Veterans like Jakobi Meyers and Kendrick Bourne will be pushed to perform at a higher level, while young receivers like DeVante Parker will benefit from the increased competition for playing time. This competition can ultimately elevate the entire receiving unit.

While Javon Baker excels at stretching the field, he’s not a one-dimensional player. He has shown good route-running ability and the potential to develop into a well-rounded receiver. The Patriots’ coaching staff is known for getting the most out of its players, and Baker’s development will be an intriguing storyline to follow.

The Patriots have a rich history of developing successful wide receivers. Baker will have the opportunity to learn from veterans like Meyers and Bourne, as well as benefit from the guidance of the experienced coaching staff. The Patriots’ system is known for its precision and detail-oriented approach, which can help Baker refine his skills and become a more complete receiver.

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