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Here’s why Michael Todd only trains for 15 minutes a day

If you’re a fan of arm wrestling, Michael Todd is one name that you’re either a fan of or hold massive admiration for. Nicknamed “The Monster”, Todd has been a consistent performer in peak prowess which has made him one of the greatest in the sport.

Anyone would guess that someone like Michael Todd must spend hours and hours every day, toiling and perfecting himself in the gym. However, you would be surprised to hear that he only trains for 15 minutes!

A two time WAL Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight champion and one of the earliest Arm Wars Superseries champions, Michael Todd was recently featured in an interview with Pro Panja League, Asia’s biggest professional arm wrestling league.

The interview featured Todd along with many PPL superstars as well as the host Mr Parvin Dabas. During the interview, Pro Panja League Women’s 65kg Champion Chetna Sharma asked Todd about techniques in the gym to increase endurance.

Todd, pointed out that rather than focusing on the quantity, its better to focus on the quality of the training and also pointed out that while anyone can spend hours in the gym, the actual time spent on training muscles is rather short, to be specific, only fifteen minutes.

“Years ago, I would do the traditional three sets of ten,” said Todd, “I would do ten reps, I’d take a break, I’d do ten reps, I’d take a break, about fifteen to twenty years in training, it wasn’t fun anymore. It was a job, it wasn’t a stress release, it wasn’t something that I did that I enjoyed, it was something that I had to do.”

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“So because I had to do it, I thought how to get this done as quick as possible? So, instead of doing three sets of ten, I’d do just one set of thirty, it was a bicep curl instead of dividing it into tens I’d just do all thirty- all three sets of ten in one day. 

“Well then I realised if I go really fast and really hard, like a lot of people say ‘I worked out for two hours today’. No, you were in the gym for two hours. How long did you have weights in your hand? Like, how long were you actually moving weights? I only work out for about twelve to fifteen minutes a day. As soon as I start- the entire fifteen minutes, I’m lifting weights,” Todd added.

Check out the full interview below-

Michael Todd was most recently seen in action against Devon Larratt at the ‘King of the Table’ event which took place at the Conrad Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on 28th May, and was sanctioned by the World Armwrestling League. Larratt defeated Todd via unanimous decision (5-0).


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