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Harry Maguire caught marking his own defender in yet another comedy of errors.

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Few defenders, if any, can claim to be getting home as hefty a paycheck as Harry Maguire does. And yet, yet something seems amiss. What transpired in a 2-2 draw against Southampton has brought this obvious discomfort out into the open.

Just when Ole’s side finally seemed to be getting back on track, a 96th-minute equalizer by Southampton striker Obafemi put a dent in Man U’s Champions League hopes.

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But, interestingly this 96th-minute goal wasn’t the most embarrassing moment for the red devils.

A brain fade or something more-

Harry Maguire-the Man, the myth, the “legend”

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In the 96th minute of the match, Southampton were given a late corner in what was their last hope to get any points from the fixture. Had United been able to stop it, they would have gained 3 points from the match and moved to third place in the EPL standings for the first time this season.

But what transpired was not just extremely horrific but also a tad comic.

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Harry Maguire was apparently seen marking his won teammate, Aaron Won Bissaka, just moments before Obafemi slot the corner home.

The defending by red devils in the dying moments of this fixture pretty much sums up the level of their defense in the entire campaign. To remind you, not that you need the reminder, Maguire was brought up from Leicester for a hefty sum of £80 million but he himself has been the biggest concern of ManU’s defense.

The woes continue-

The story was repeated in Saturday’s FA cup semifinals in a 1-3 loss against Chelsea. An own goal by Maguire coupled with a mockup dribble in his own half completed what had been a disastrous week for the Man U captain.

The entire fiasco is more than enough for rival fans who relish watching Maguire’s struggles.

Coming Up-

The entire Maguire episode has, if nothing else, spiced up the race to Europe for the English giants. Chelsea, Leicester, and Man U are all locked up in a 3 way battle for the remaining two spots after Man City were freed of all allegations for the coming season.

The Leicester vs Man U fixture on the 26th of July may well decide the final four. But, if the reds are to have any chance of finishing in the top 4, then they must work on their defense. It is a well known saying in football-“Attacks win you matches, defenses win you tournaments.”

And sadly, the Maguire led defense of Red devils doesn’t seem capable of winning any at the moment.

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