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Fans astonished to see Bronny James’ towering growth in trending picture with his father

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LeBron James’ son Bronny James has taken social media by storm after his latest physical spurt has come into the light. In the image shared by the Lakers ace, Bronny is seen training and is not far away from his father when it comes to height. 

Bronny has the fans in utter disbelief. (USA Today/Lakers Daily)

Bronny, who has recently completed his freshman year  Sierra Canyon School, is on a meteoric rise and his body is getting along as well. Currently, sixteen years of age, the prodigal son’s last recorded figures were 6’2 at 165 pounds. From the looks of it, those numbers might need altering considering his revamped physique in the image right below.

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Several fans were spellbound at the sight of the image almost neck to neck with his father.

Bronny has a role model right in his sight

LeBron James and Bronny putting in work together has us daydreaming
LeBron James aspires to play alongside his son one day. (Fansided)

If things go as planned, Bronny would be a huge prospect at the 2023 NBA Draft. He is already listed as a five-star prospect much to the delight of LeBron James who wishes to play alongside his son one day.

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In an interview with Forbes, LeBron’s former teammate Danny Green confirmed the 4-time NBA Champion’s desire to play with Bronny. As things stand, LeBron is 35 years of age and will hit the 38-year mark once his son is eligible to play in the NBA. While the kid from Akron has maintained his physique over the years, his fitness would be the single most probable cause that comes in his way of contesting with his eldest son three years from now.

Like his son on the prowl, LeBron James is also set for defending the NBA Championship for the Los Angeles Lakers. He had a successful campaign leading up to the championship with his numbers reading 25.3 points, 10.2 assists and 7.8 boards per game.

The 35-year-old added a fourth championship to his resume and became the first player to win the NBA Finals MVP for three different franchises. He had previously won the award for his exploits in the finals for his former franchises Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat.

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