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Fan invade AEW Dynamite during “Labours Of Jericho” segment

In a bizarre circumstance, the latest episode of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite saw a fan, possibly under influence, hopped onto the entrance ramp during Chris Jericho’s entrance.



This happened during the episode where AEW Dynamite marking their return to the road, after last week’s episode ended with an emotionally charged tribute to Daily Place, Jacksonville, Florida, where the professional wrestling promotion held all of their shows during the “pandemic era”, and the Jim Ross spoken mishap of “WWE Dynamite”.

Fortunately, AEW camera did not show the fan as it cut away before the fan entered the scene. However, multiple audience members, probably capturing “Le Champion” Chris Jericho’s entrance on their own devices, caught the fan.

The video shows that the fan was instantly stopped by security and Jericho and MJF were able to continue their segment without any further hindrance.


In the segment, MJF stated that his favourite Greek story was the labour of Hercules, and introduced The Labours Of Jericho, in which the former AEW Champion must win four matches back to back, with stipulations picked by MJF, to assure a one versus one encounter against him.

“And if you manage to get through the first four, which you won’t, you get that MJF rub one more time. You get an opportunity to wrestle me again. And when I beat you for a third time, hopefully you get it through your thick skull that I’m better than you, and you know it,” MJF said.

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Jericho wasted no time to accept MJF’s challenge, with his own reference to Greek mythological characters. “If I can’t last your Labors of Jericho, and if I can’t beat you, maybe I don’t deserve to be in AEW. But I’ll tell you this, if you’re gonna talk about Greek mythology, I am your guy. I accept your labors because I’m the God of the battle, I’m the God of thunder, I’m the God of War in AEW, and I’m gonna beat you,” he replied.


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