Eric Bischoff states recent slump in TV ratings of WWE and AEW is no surprise

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The former WWE Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff often lets his thought known to the fans about the happenings in the world of wrestling.

It has been recently noted that the TV ratings of both AEW and WWE have dipped in recent months and Eric Bischoff commented on this matter.

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Eric Bischoff reveals why it is not a surprise

Eric Bischoff

The world of wrestling might be stunned to witness the decline in the ratings but Eric Bischoff during the latest episode of 83 Weeks stated that it should not be surprising as it was a long time coming.

He said that he predicted this drop in viewership a few months ago. He also made it clear that the current fall of ratings is expected if the numbers are followed every year.

He said: “I think [WWE] SmackDown probably lost 100,000 viewers to [NBA] of their regular audience. We’ve talked about this on this podcast, I’ve predicted every dirt sheet writer, every headline on the internet is going to say ‘Ratings are plummeting,’ it’s summer time! It happens every f***ing year.”

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Eric Bischoff said that it was predictable and it often declines consistently around the month of April. He reflected on COVID-19 being the major factor of this fall in the rating slump. Now, that situation has improved, fans tend to go out of their home to enjoy the nice summer weather and don’t stick to T.V. to watch wrestling.

He said: “It’s as predictable as the sun coming up, the ratings always go down in a consistent percentage in April when daylight savings time kicks in, weather gets nice and people go yeah, I don’t think I’m going to sit in my house and watch T.V. anymore because I’ve been COVID contained. Or if I’m going to watch wrestling, I’m going to watch it at the bar which by the way, doesn’t have a Nielsen [ratings] box.”

The fans are gradually getting back in attendance for the live shows and it will certainly bolster TV viewership. We will have to see how WWE and AEW decide to improve their ratings.

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