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It was disgusting, tasteless: Eddie Hearn reacts to John Fury’s comment on Jake Paul’s girlfriend

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Matchroom MD Eddie Hearn has opined on John Fury’s recent controversial comment on Jake’s girlfriend Julia Rose, which has raised many eyebrows in the boxing community and recently,  it, stating that it was in a bad taste.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are going to be settling the scores as the two are now confirmed to be facing each other inside the squared circle on 18th December in Miami. Two of the biggest celebrity boxers to come up in recent years, both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been featured previously on the same card on 28th August when Jake fought Tyron Woodley, with Tommy fighting Jake’s training partner Anthony Taylor on the undercard.

During a recent press conference for the fight, in which Jake was present virtually from his poolside, John Fury was vexed at “The Problem Child” and even said that after Tommy KO’s him, the Love Island star will take Julia and have sex with her “like a dog”.

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“You’re with the big dogs now puppy, before you get bit,” Fury Sr said, “Now you’re swearing now? You know, when Tommy knocks you out, he’s gonna bend your girlfriend over and do her like a dog.”

I thought it was disgusting: Eddie Hearn opines

Reacting to the incident in an interview with IFL TV, Hearn expressed his distaste towards John Fury’s statement, lambasting the language as ‘terrible’, however, adding that its none of his business.

“I thought it was disgusting to be honest with you,” said Hearn, “you’ve got the younger generation watching that… Even, actually, for one time I felt a little bit for Frank Warren because I’ve been there on a much less cringe stage with KSI and Logan Paul. Frank was embarrassed. The language is terrible. I like beef, I love it, but for me it’s a bad look.”

“It was disgusting, it was tasteless, the language was terrible – but me saying that it’s ‘Oh it’s Eddie, it’s just because he’s not involved in the event’. I am over the moon that I am not involved in that. Trust me. The fight’s not bad, I don’t mind it, but the production and everything was so bad. It’s a bad look for boxing, BT knows that and Frank knows that, we know that – but it’s none of my business,” the Briton added. [H/T Boxing Scene]


  • Eddie Hearn reacts to the controversial statement made by John Fury during a press conference for Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
  • John Fury said his son Tommy will do Jake’s girlfriend Julia Rose ‘like a dog’
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