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Dwight Howard’s ex-girlfriend fumes at player for disregarding their son

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Los Angeles Lakers stalwart Dwight Howard, who recently claimed his maiden NBA Championship was called out by his celebrity ex-girlfriend Royce Reed. The actress was not happy with the centre’s approach with their son and claimed that he has been neglecting the 12-year-old Braylon.

In a scathing Instagram post, Reed attacked Howard by claiming that the player has made no effort to see his child since July and added that the 34-year-old put the team ahead of his child.

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She added that an approach through a third party had to be made in order to determine whether Howard had any interest in meeting his kids.

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“Y’all better stop praising ppl based off a screenshot of their lives on tv and Instagram posts. Better yet… imagine having to text a 3rd party to try and find out if this person plans on seeing their 2 kids that live here and that they haven’t seen since July or SPOKEN to since August before they leave the city and the response is ‘I don’t know, I gotta see what the team doin,’

She continued the post by claiming that there is a minimal effort from the player to patch up with his kids who need him right now. Check out the post on Instagram right below:

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Dwight Howard and Reed’s tumultuous past

The couple have always been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and has been claimed as one of the worst celebrity feuds in recent times. Reed had accused Howard of physically abusing their son with a belt, back when Braylon was only 6-years-old, the player, however, was acquitted of the charges.

While they seemed to have buried the hatchet for the sake of their son Braylon and focus on co-parenting, the relationship is clearly not in a good place as of now. The 8-time All-Star has five children with five different women and had won a defamation case against Royce Reed in 2010.

Howard breaks the deadlock with maiden NBA title

Keep Fighting"- An Emotional Dwight Howard Celebrates Winning His First NBA Championship - EssentiallySports

The three-time defensive player of the year had to wait 16 years to get his hands on an NBA title. Following stints with Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, Atalanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards, Howard returned to Los Angeles Lakers in 2019 by replacing DeMarcus Cousins.

Lakers fielded Howard on sporadic appearances throughout the season and made a lasting presence in the NBA finals despite averaging only 11.8 minutes per game. In the regular season, Howard averaged 7.5 points per game and 7.3 rebounds per game.

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