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Dustin Poirier Reveals If He Is Interested In Facing Nate Daiz or Conor Mcgregor Next

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Dustin Poirier, the former UFC interim lightweight champion, has been making headlines recently. After his loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269, Poirier was asked about the possibility of big-time fights against Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor. His response was intriguing, to say the least.

According to Championship Rounds (@ChampRDS) on Twitter, Poirier expressed a shift in focus, prioritizing fights that motivate him over high-profile matchups:

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Dustin Poirier was asked if “big-time” fights such as a Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor fight would interest him:

“I gotta see how I feel. Talking about those things it’s not exciting to me. But if my phone rang right now and it was Hunter [Campbell]… I gotta see how how I feel when it’s offered to me.”

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This statement suggests a change in Dustin Poirier’s fight selection strategy.

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Dustin Poirier’s Ambivalence


In a recent interview, Dustin Poirier expressed his ambivalence towards high-profile matchups. He stated, “Talking about those things, it’s not exciting to me.” However, he also acknowledged that if the opportunity presented itself, he would consider it. Poirier’s cautious approach reflects the weight of such fights and the impact they can have on a fighter’s career.

The Diaz Factor

Nate Diaz, a fan favorite known for his gritty fighting style, has been a thorn in Dustin Poirier’s side. Their proposed matchup fell through in the past, leaving fans wondering if they’ll ever step into the octagon together. Diaz wasted no time in responding to Poirier’s comments, taking to Twitter to throw some shade. His tweet read, “How Conor let Dp f*** him up hella times he sucks.” Clearly, Diaz isn’t holding back.

McGregor’s Take


Conor McGregor, another fighter with a storied history against Dustin Poirier, also chimed in. McGregor, who is currently recovering from a leg injury sustained in their last fight, criticized Poirier’s performance. He tweeted, “you lanky string of piss he got lumped around and got lucky twice. That’s it. Is what it is. Embarrassing night for him alright.” McGregor’s words highlight the intensity of their rivalry and the emotions involved.



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