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Drew Lock receives support from mom after facing backlash for COVID-19 protocol breach

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Broncos quarterback Drew Lock has been receiving major criticism over breaching the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols which made him unavailable for the Sunday match against Saints. However, the player now gains support from his mother Laura, who takes a stance for her son against the backlash.

On Tuesday last week, Drew Lock attended a film session together with Broncos reserve Jeff Driskel, who tested positive for COVID-19 after just two days. During the session, Drew was seen without a mask, which has deemed the QB risky for his teammates as he potentially contracted the virus from Driskel.

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The scenario resulted in Drew sitting for Sunday’s 3-31 upset against Saints, which has earned the 24-year-old massive reprimand from the fanbase. In the meantime, Laura Lock enters the scene and speaks up in support of her boy.

Using people to make an example of a situation is wrong: Laura defends Drew Lock

Drew Lock receives support from mom after facing backlash for COVID-19 protocol breach - THE SPORTS ROOM
Laura Lock takes a stand for her son Drew. (Image Courtesy: SI)

While admitting the fact that Drew indeed was without a mask at the film session with Driskel, Laura defended how her son handled the entire situation, all while terming the league’s decision as a “shame” via a post on Twitter.

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“Here is the truth -Drew and the QB room requested permission to watch film,” Laura stated in her post, “they came to the facility on their own time to put in more work. His leadership which seems to be in question by some brought them to this predicament; Drew asking for more commitment of his QB room than just a normal NFL day. Drew and the QBs even requesting a room at the facility rather than risking “trouble” and meeting at an off campus site.”

All while pointing out the players who had tested negative last Tuesday, Laura did admit that Drew was without a mask. Nonetheless, she claimed some instances, proving that the Broncos star is indeed concerned about the virus.

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She went on, “ask his sister who visited and had to quarantine and test before arriving. Ask his girlfriend who he has asked to not travel to away games. Ask his Dad and I who stay in a hotel on game weekends rather than his home.”

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Laura further implied that as Drew himself is not COVID positive, she called for interrogating those in the league who have contracted the virus, “how safe were they being?” and “who was in their “ecosystem” that shouldn’t have been or were they just not wearing their masks all the time?”

“As a parent, an educator, a friend, a co-worker, a boss – using people to make an example of a situation is wrong. The NFL used one of their own as an example -this is where the shame is,” Laura signed off.

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