WATCH: CM Punk’s 3-Hour tattoo coverup transition for ‘Heels’ show

cm punk heels
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AEW star CM Punk’s look in ‘Heels’ show that airs on Starz has been a huge topic. The character Punk plays is Ricky Rabies, who does not have a tattoo but ‘The Second City Savior’ has his whole body inked in real life. So, it was a daunting task to cover up. He recently took to Instagram on Sunday to give a shoutout to the two makeup artists who have been covering up his tattoos for his appearance show.

CM Punk posts video clip to show the tattoo coverup process

cm punk heels

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According to Punk, the process of covering up his tattoos took three hours a day. Punk shared a fast motion video that shows the cover-up process, and wrote the caption:

“Jorie and Dwayne the real MVPs. Three hours everyday dealing with me asking myself if I put deodorant on today. Tonight on @starz episode 3 of @heelsstarz. @bonzsomerville KILLS as Vicky, Stone kills as Wolfgang, and Ricky Rabies makes towns, brüther.”

You can check out the Instagram post below:


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CM Punk reflects on the tattoo removal process

WATCH: CM Punk's 3-Hour tattoo coverup transition for 'Heels' show - THE SPORTS ROOM

CM Punk’s character, Ricky Rabies, debuted during the third episode of Heels on Sunday night. In a recent media Q&A session, Punk described the process of his tattoo removal.

He said: “It took three, three and a half hours, depending on how many people I had working on me, to cover up all my tattoos. And go figure, I have more tattoos than I realized, because we would finish and I’d be like ‘okay great.’ Then we’d be shooting a scene where I’d have my pants around my ankles and I’d be like ‘oh s**t. I have other tattoos.’ 

CM Punk added: “So I have a thing up my nose, somebody’s messing with my hair, somebody’s putting makeup over me and I’m just miserable. I sat in makeup I think for fifteen hours before we did anything physical. And the instant we touched it just obliterated my makeup and I was just ‘oh my god.’

The former WWE Champion CM Punk appears in at least one episode, as a heel wrestler named Ricky Rabies. His valet, Vicky Rabies, is played by Bonnie Somerville. Punk noted on Twitter earlier this year that he wrestles Harrison’s Apocalypse character in a mach on the show. Punk’s character will also be showcased as a rival to one of the brothers.