Chelsea Green makes special wedding announcement with Matt Cardona

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It is not unknown that the former WWE star Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona have been engaged since two and half years. Now, the former WWE SmackDown star revealed on her latest “Green with Envy” podcast that she and Cardona are finally set to get married.

Chelsea Green announces her wedding date

Chelsea Green

Green and Cardona were originally planning to get married last year, but things changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the podcast she dropped the huge news of her wedding with Cardona. She has not revealed the destination of the wedding but disclosed the important date to be December 31 that is the New Year’s Eve.

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Chelsea Green said: “I won’t tell you where we’re getting married right now, but I will tell you that we are getting married on New Year’s Eve. I’m so excited.”

Green, who recently turned 30, believes she is now ‘ready’ to get married. After dating for two years, the couple had announced their engagement on Green’s 28th Birthday. They had been planning about the wedding since last year and finally they are set to tie the knot this year.

Green also spoke about her fiance and Impact Wrestling star Matt Cardona. She stated that she ‘knew’ when she met that she was going to be with him for the remainder of her life.

Chelsea Green makes special wedding announcement with Matt Cardona - THE SPORTS ROOM

She said: “I’m getting married. Now I’m 30, and I’m in no rush at all. I’ve got my 3 cats, I have my 2 dogs, we have our house with a pool. I feel like we’re good.”

She added: “I’m happy, but I will say, once I met Matt, and I knew that was going to be the guy I was going to be with the rest of my life, I was ready to marry him. It’s been weird.”

She also reflected on Canada ‘opening back up’, while the borders are also opening, which will allow them and their family to go back and forth without the mandatory quarantine.

Chelsea Green went on to share a couple of the wedding details. She stated that she wants to “keep it a little bit secret, and a little bit private.” It is to be qlso noted that she is set to become a free agent in a week or two as WWE’s 90-day no compete clause is expiring.

We will have to see which promotion Green decides to join next.