Charlotte Flair fires back at CM Punk, denies a rumor about Vince McMahon

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WWE star Charlotte Flair recently addressed a rumor about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Recently, the former WWE star CM Punk took a shot at Vince for which The Queen defended her boss.

CM Punk accuses Vince McMahon

Charlotte Flair fires back at CM Punk, denies a rumor about Vince McMahon - THE SPORTS ROOM

There is conception that Vince McMahon often feeds the ringside announcers in their earpiece to call the shows. CM Punk who has had a stint in the company as the color commentator opened up on that.

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There have been multiple times that Vince has been blamed for yelling in the earpiece. Even Punk had once revealed about it. He said that he had muted the earpiece so that he did not have to listen to Vince.

Ahead of WrestleMania Backlash, Charlotte Flair went behind the commentary desk to announce a match between Rhea Ripley and Asuka.

‘The Queen’ had posted picture of herself on commentary desk during an edition of Monday Night RAW. CM Punk had replied to Charlotte Flair’s photo where he said what Vince McMahon would’ve possibly told her when she was commentating.


Charlotte Flair reveals the truth about Vince McMahon

Charlotte Flair

Speaking about the incident, the former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed Vince did not speak over her earpiece.

Flair recently had an interview Hindustan Times, when she slammed the rumors. She said:
“No one is buzzing me in my ear. I have known Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for a very long time. It was just great to be out there with them, feeling as confident as ever. No, Vince doesn’t buzz me in my ear about anything.”

Ripley, Asuka and Flair squared off against each other at WrestleMania Backlash for the RAW Women’s Championship, with Ripley retaining her title.

During the interview, Flair also lauded Rhea Ripley, and said that the reigning RAW Women’s Champion has a presence about her that draws the attention.

Flair said: “She has an aura around her. When she comes out, you feel her presence. She oozes that appeal. That is half the battle, the owing the room.”

On the latest edition of RAW, Charlotte suffered a loss against Asuka after she got distracted by Ripley at ringside. Asuka was able to counter the Figure Four into a roll-up pin for three count.