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Charli Llyod sets record of 5 goals over Paraguay

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At the US vs Paraguay match that took place at the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, US women’s Charli Llyod set a record by scoring 5 goals! US won the match against Paraguay 9-0.

Charli Llyod sets record of 5 goals over Paraguay - THE SPORTS ROOM

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It would not be wrong to say that Charli had a significant role to play in handing such a crushing defeat to Paraguay.

It seems that before her retirement, she plans to go out with a bang. This was her first match of the season. The soccer star has three more matches before she retires from the sport.

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The team is supposed to play against Paraguay again in the next match before taking on South Korea in the last two remaining matches.

The 39-year-old soccer star, announced earlier that she is going to quit the sport after the four game match with USWNT and the NWSL.

I wish I could do it forever, but all good things eventually come to an end and I definitely am for sure retiring. I’m not going to come back out of retirement but you know I’m going to be the biggest cheerleader for this team and really excited to see them continue to keep crushing it.

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Her first four attempts at the goal happened in the first half, while she took another successful shot at it in the second half leading to five scores in total and  tied to the USWNT single game score record.

No other player has been able to score six goals in a single game but this might change in the next few matches as Charli bulldozes through the field.

Charli opened the US team’s account within the first three minutes! Paraguay did not expect a goal so quick in the game.

She was not done yet, two minutes later another goal! In the 34th minute, she had a hat trick.

Coach, Vlatko Andonovski, described Charli as goal-hunrgy. Irrespective of who they are playing against, Charli is a threat to the opposite team because of her hunger to score.

The USWNT had another scorer apart from Charli. Andy Sullivan took few shots at the net and both of them together gave the US team a whopping six-goal lead.

Back in 2019, US Alex Morgan, was yet another player who had scored five goals against Thailand at the World Cup.


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