John Morrison’s new nickname in WWE is the influence of Rapper Cardi B

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The popular rapper Cardi B seems to have been influential to WWE star John Morrison to get his new nickname in the company as he is called as “Johnny Drip Drip.”

John Morrison got the nickname from Cardi B

John Morrison

John Morrison’s wife Franky Monet recently had an interview with Sportskeeda’s Rich Ucchino when she opened about her husband’s pro wrestling career. She also noted how Johnny Drip Drip nickname came into being suddenly.

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She went on to share the origin of the name. The NXT star recalled having a road journey a couple of years back with husband John Morrison, Tessa Blanchard and Kiera Hogan for a gig with Impact Wrestling. Monet said that a Cardi B song came on and her husband John Morrison was rapping along. Thus after this, he was given that new name.

Frankie Monet said: “He’s having the most fun I’ve seen him have in a long time. I will give you the origin story of Johnny Drip Drip. About two years ago, we were all driving in a car, me, John, Tessa, and Kiera, after a taping to eat dinner, this 24 hour diner in New York. We were playing Cardi B in the car. We were all delusional from lack of sleep, and all this kind of stuff, and being super hungry.”

Monet revealed that Morrison is fond of rapping and he started rapping to Cardi B. She said:

It was within that car ride that Johnny Drip Drip was born. I don’t even remember who it was that said, ‘Oh my God, Johnny Drip Drip’, and it just became a thing.”

The NXT star said that Morrison is going to keep using the name and it has been in development for the past few years. He shockingly defeated Randy Orton on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw to book a spot in the upcoming Money In The Bank contract ladder match.

It has been noted that Cardi B is slated to host SummerSlam this year on August 21 in Las Vegas. However, the appearance has not been confirmed yet.