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Big E wants to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38

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It seems that Big E has a plan ready for WrestleMania 38, a match against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

Big E


Big E VS Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship was a rumoured match ever since the former cordially separated from his The New Day buddies and began to show promise as a singles wrestler. However, Edge returned at Royal Rumble, went on to win the 30 man battle royal, and later challenged Reigns for the Universal Championship. It seems that Big E will be in the Intercontinental Championship picture this season at WrestleMania.

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According to him, his goal is to get to the top tier of WWE superstars, and stay in the main event. He believes that Reigns has been doing stellar work as the WWE Universal Champion. Even the word stellar seems to him not enough of a superlative to describe how much “The Head Of The Table” has elevated himself, even though before the heel turn, he was nowhere below the main event. According to him, Reigns’ entire presentation, including his promos, are excellent material to watch.

“Yeah, that’s the goal. That’s the goal, to be in that tier, to be at the very top. I think Roman’s done a stellar job. ‘Stellar’ isn’t good enough a superlative to describe how much he’s elevated himself, even though he was already at the top. And I think his presentation, the promos, all that’s stuff’s really cool to see,” he comments.

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If he ever has to pick an opponent, he will definitely choose Reigns. He hopes that during WrestleMania season next year, he still holds on to the WWE Universal Championship, and while there are many directions he can go to, he will like to face Reigns for the Championship.

“But yeah man, that would be, as far as… if I had to pick any opponent, that would be the one. So hopefully, by next year, he’s still got the title. We’ll see, there’s a lot that can happen from now till then, but yeah, that would be it,” he says.

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