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Best Players in IPL 2022

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Every year, there are players that amaze you in the Indian Premier League. Fans look out for the young and up-coming cricket stars, as well as rely on the veterans to deliver the results the team needs. Either way, there are players that stand out. So, who are the stars of the Indian Premier League in 2022? Let’s take a closer look at players you should watch out for.

SuryaKumar Yadav

Let’s start by talking about Suryahumar Yadav. Unfortunately, this year did not get off to a good start for him. Namely, he was injured and this meant that he did not play initially. But, despite this setback, he has still made the list of our best players in the Indian Premier League. This is because he is the highest scorer for the Mumbai Indians. He has played fantastically and has over 200 runs. His strike rate is also 153.84. He is definitely an asset to his team and Mumbai Indians would be lost without Suryahumar Yadav playing.

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Liam Livingstone

Next to be added to our list is Liam Livingstone. The Englishman is making a good impression in the Indian Premier League so far and has proven to be an all-round player. He plays for the England team and is known for being a right-handed opening batsman. He currently plays for Punjab Kings and many fans would say that their good start is down to Liam Livingstone. In total, he has enjoyed 224 runs, which averages out to 37.33. For those that love statistics, this means a strike rate of 185.12. Therefore, if you like to follow individual players through the Indian Premier League, keep your eyes on Liam Livingstone. Do you want to know who is the best fielder in IPL 2022 by 10CRIC? Click on the link and find out.

Dinesh Karthik

We could not create a list of the best players in the Indian Premier League without mentioning Dinesh Karthik. He plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore and this would not be an easy task. Indeed, they had to compete for him with the Chennai Super Kings. He has had some great performances in 2022 and this included helping his team qualify for the playoffs. He is a fan favorite and has a great strike rate of 183.33. This included scoring 330 runs in just 16 matches. This meant he enjoyed an average of 55.

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Hardik Pandya

Gujarat Titans have had a lot of success this year and won the Indian Premier League 2022 final. One player that they have really benefited from having is Hardik Pandya. He is someone that is popular in India and is known for being confident yet humble. Recently, he enjoyed three wickets against Rajasthan Royals and has scored the most runs for the team. This includes over 228 runs and has a strike rate of 136.52. Last year, a lot of people did not rate Hardik Pandya and how he played in the tournament. But, this has all changed in 2022 and this is why he has made it onto the list. He has had an amazing performance and gone from strength to strength.

Jos Buttler

Playing for Rajasthan Royals in 2022 and making a big impact was Jos Buttler. He is from England, playing for the national cricket team and is 31 years old. He is a right-handed on the bat and has enjoyed many successes. In particular, he is the leading run-scorer. Indeed, this is going to mean that he has won cash prizes in the Indian Premier League 2022. In the season, he managed 863 runs, as well as enjoyed 45 sixes.  Other achievements he has enjoyed include being the gamechanger and power player of the season. So, there is no doubt that Jos Buttler is going to be on the top of the world right now and is going to have a lot to live up to in the future. Can he keep it going?

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Kuldeep Yadav

Let’s take a look at a player that has a lot of wickets this year. We are talking about Kuldeep Yadav. He boasts 21 wickets, which makes him the fifth-highest wicket-taker in the league. He is known as a left-arm spinner and he plays for the Delhi Capitals. He plays cricket internationally for India too. At first, he needed some game time and to build his confidence with the Delhi Capitals. This was after having poor seasons for other teams. But, it is fair to say that he has turned things around.

KL Rahul

We have also made sure to add KL Rahul to the list and he plays for Lucknow Super Giants or LSG. He has enjoyed two centuries in 2022, which were against Mumbai Indians each time. KL Rahul is a right-handed batsman and he is also the vice-captain of the national cricket team in India at 30 years old. His strike rate is 135.55 and he has around 469 runs. He has played in 13 matches in the Indian Premier League 2022.

David Warner

We also think that David Warner deserves to be on the list of the best players in the Indian Premier League 2022. He did not have a good season last year and he was benched. In addition, he was not kept by his former team. But, we are pleased to say that David Warner has turned it around in 2022 with Delhi Capitals. He played in 11 matches, enjoying 427 runs. This made David Warner’s average 53.38. His strike rate was 151.96.

Wanindu Hasaranga

Royal Challengers Bangalore surprised a lot of people when they got rid of Yuzvendra Chahal. Instead, they chose Wanindu Hasaranga. So, right from the beginning, the Sri-Lankan has a lot to prove. Well, we can confirm that he was successful and has been quite an asset to the team. He enjoyed eight wickets in four matches. He enjoyed 195 runs and has an economy of 8.48. A lot of fans like Wanindu Hasaranga and they are glad that Royal Challengers Bangalore selected him.

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