Apollo Crews believes he became complacent on main roster call-up

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Apollo Crews recently joined Corey Graves on the latest edition of After The Bell podcast. During the interview, he spoke on his main roster debut and said that he might had become a bit too complacent regarding Triple H’s offer.

Apollo Crews reflects on his main roster stint

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews who has had decent run in the main roster had made his debut when he competed in a match at an NXT live event back in June 2015. WWE stars would polish their skills for years at NXT which was WWE’s developmental territory unlike now and then they would be called up to the main roster.

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However, Apollo Crews was an exception as Triple H had informed him about his call-up to the main roster in April 2016 which was 10 months post his debut and it was quite an early offer which he received.

During the conversation, he revealed that many people would discuss this matter and commented on it stating it was an early call up and suggested him to stay at the gold and black brand.

The former United States Champion stated that he could not deny Triple H’s offer and had to embrace the opportunity that was knocking the door.

He said: “Who’s gonna pass up an opportunity when Triple H comes to you and says, ‘Hey, man, you’re debuting on Monday Night RAW tomorrow.’ Or [people say], ‘You should have stayed in NXT.’”

Maybe I got complacent: Apollo Crews

Crews went on to state that it was his dream to be able to work for WWE and reckoned that people who have been criticizing him for his actions would grab the chance if they were offered the same.

Apollo Crews’ run as a face was a fine one but with his recent heel turn he has the potential to become successful on the blue brand. He completed the turn by assaulting the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E on WWE SmackDown.

He also introduced himself with a fresh and new gimmick which gives the hints of his Nigerian descent.

He said: “I had to first learn that maybe it’s me, maybe I got complacent. I’m just literally sitting, coming in, getting paid. ‘Oh, I’m happy to get paid.’ You know what I mean? But that wasn’t enough for me. I came here to be one of the best, if not the best. I can’t end my career knowing that I didn’t at least try.”

He is likely to get a Intercontinental title shot against Big E in near future.

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