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7 Esports Trends to Keep in Mind

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E-sports is still a young industry but an upcoming one that is set to take the sports and entertainment industry by storm. Significant shifts have been experienced since esports came to life, and much more is expected in the future.

There is good reason for players in the sports, gaming, and entertainment industry to stay updated on the trends in the sector. Understanding what is in store will also motivate you to support the growth of the young industry.

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Important to note is that the gaming, entertainments, and sports trends overlap and are also connected. Here are some esports trends to take note of.

  1. Mobile Esports

Mobile esports is on the rise, and as aforementioned, esports trends are connected to the gaming and entertainment industry. Today, gamblers don’t need to drive to casino venues to enjoy poker as they can access it anywhere. They can get more than traditional casino venues offer; for instance, they get incentives like the Slotastic casino bonuses.

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The convenience applies across the board in gambling, gaming, and the sports industry. Mobile esports is growing tremendously and has appealed to millions of fans worldwide. The industry is set to flourish with increased access to the internet and smartphones.

Seeing this growth, other industries are aligning themselves to support the sector thrive and leverage its development for their growth.

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  1. Cyber Security

With the high growth rate of the esports industry, it is becoming a target for cybercriminals. The industry’s growth attracts more fans, investors, games, and sponsors. With the inflow of cash involved, we should expect more ransomware, malware, and DDoS attacks.

It is projected that the number of IoT devices will reach 18 billion by the end of 2030, and as they get widespread, cybersecurity concerns will increase. Players in the industry need to keep in mind the looming security threats and measures to ensure that sensitive information is protected.

Esports fans should, for instance, avoid suspicious esports sites, install antimalware software on their devices, and use two-factor authentication to keep their accounts safe.

  1. The Prominence of Blockchain

Note that esports is founded on sponsorships. The industry is currently attracting support which forms a significant part of the industry revenue. To diversify their income and minimize risk, esports companies are exploring different ways to monetize fans.

Most are eyeing revolutionary blockchain technology and innovations such as NFTs to achieve this. Esports companies are also leveraging that a considerable part of their fanbase comprises innovative young individuals willing to accept new ways of doing things.

While some companies are counting on blockchain to diversify their revenue streams, others are exploring ways they can use it to enhance engagement. It is vital for esports companies and related industries to identify ways they can leverage blockchain to improve their fan’s experience and support their growth.

  1. The Growth of Co-Streaming

Esports companies are getting into co-streaming partnerships and leveraging the opportunity to market their brands and, at the same time, enhance fans’ experience. Organizers and publishers are using the strategy to reach broader audiences and grow their revenue.

Broadcasting companies are allowing co-streaming to increase viewership, which has many benefits for every player involved. Co-streaming is also allowing esports companies to diversify their portfolio.

This year and beyond, we should expect more streaming companies to get into partnerships to leverage the growth in audiences to increase their opportunities and revenue.

  1. Live-Streaming Platforms are Becoming More Interactive

Some shows have already integrated AI-controlled features, which has seen significant revenue growth. Integrating AI and other interactive features in streaming platforms will enhance user experience and increase engagement.

Audiences can join ongoing games, support virtual contestants and enjoy more viewer interaction. The experiences will make live-streaming more memorable, giving esports companies more opportunities to monetize the consumers directly.

  1. Esports is Increasingly Becoming Sponsorship-Driven

As aforementioned, the industry’s foundation is revenue coming from sponsorships. While more esports companies are looking for alternative sources of income, sponsorships will remain a significant aspect of the industry’s operations.

As the esports industry grows, its recognition as a source of entertainment for billions of fans across the globe increases. This has increased sponsors’ interest in the industry. Investors are exploring ways to fit in the industry, and many organizations are willing to support the industry’s growth.

Many brands are eager to associate themselves with esports through sponsorship deals as they are also getting value from esports’ growth. As the industry increasingly becomes sponsorship-driven, we should expect it to grow to the level of the sports industry eventually.

  1. Esports Betting

The esports industry is hugely tied to the betting industry. As much as the sector is still behind its betting and sports counterparts, there is excellent growth potential.

It is important to note that it offers several options of products to the fans, like esports betting in addition to live-streaming. The tournament structures and sportsbooks are changing, offering esports ways to fit them in their product development strategies.


The esports industry is fast-growing, and we cannot afford to ignore or underestimate it. Esports companies and the fan base should be alert to the opportunities the sector will bring and the troubles it attracts.

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