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Zach LaVine on the Move? Bulls Reportedly Lower Asking Price, Sparking Trade Rumors

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The Chicago Bulls have been at the centre of trade rumours involving their star guard, Zach LaVine. As the offseason approaches, there’s a notable change in their approach. According to Bulls insider K.C. Johnson, the team has significantly lowered their asking price for LaVine. But what led to this shift, and how does it impact potential trade scenarios?

Legion Hoops captured the essence of Johnson’s report in a Twitter post: “REPORT: The Bulls’ asking price for Zach LaVine has dropped significantly, per @KCJHoop,” [Twitter post by Legion Hoops]. This news suggests the Bulls might be more willing to part ways with their All-Star shooting guard, potentially opening the door for a blockbuster trade.

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Zach LaVine’s Hefty Contract

Zach LaVine on the Move? Bulls Reportedly Lower Asking Price, Sparking Trade Rumors - THE SPORTS ROOM

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One of the primary reasons behind this reduced asking price is Zach LaVine’s hefty contract. Last season, he earned $40 million, and his salary is set to increase to $43 million in the 2024-25 season. By 2026-27, LaVine’s earnings will reach an impressive $48.9 million. Teams interested in acquiring him must consider this financial commitment.

The Trade Market Dynamics

Zach LaVine’s name has frequently surfaced in trade discussions, but the market hasn’t materialized as expected. Questions about his defense and durability have affected his trade value. Additionally, his contract—though reflective of his talent—poses challenges for potential suitors. The Bulls, too, recognize this reality and have adjusted their stance.

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The Bulls’ Motivation

K.C. Johnson suggests that both sides—the Bulls and Zach LaVine—are motivated to find a resolution this offseason. While the Bulls won’t settle for an unfavourable deal, they are now open to more possibilities. Previously, their asking price included All-Star level talent and first-round picks. However, recent developments indicate a willingness to explore alternative scenarios.

Trade Scenarios

Various trade ideas have been circulated on social media. Some propose a swap between Zach LaVine and other players, such as Isaiah Stewart or DeMar DeRozan. The Thunder and the Magic have also been mentioned as potential destinations. However, the Bulls’ flexibility in negotiations suggests that unexpected trade partners could emerge.


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