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YouTuber VP’s Shocking Incident: Running Over a Pedestrian While Streaming

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In a tragic turn of events, a prominent YouTuber’s live stream took a horrifying twist when they were involved in a fatal accident while driving under the influence. The incident has sparked outrage and raised serious questions about the responsibility of content creators who engage in risky behavior for views.

YouTuber VP’s Reckless Behavior

The YouTuber in question goes by the handle “VP” on the popular video-sharing platform. Known for her frequent live streams, VP’s channel has been a source of controversy. Viewers on Reddit have described her content as showcasing consistent drug use and even public urination. However, nothing could prepare her audience for what unfolded during one of her recent streams.

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Smoking Cannabis While Driving

YouTuber VP broadcasted herself smoking cannabis while behind the wheel. As the camera rolled, she casually discussed personal matters, including whether she was getting back together with an ex-boyfriend. But this seemingly mundane stream took a dark turn when VP struck a pedestrian while driving in Los Angeles. The impact was audible—a loud bump reverberated through the stream as the camera rattled.

The Aftermath: Shock and Denial

Immediately after the collision, YouTuber VP stopped her car and opened the door to check on the injured pedestrian. The victim’s response was understandably angry: “No, what the f*** did you do?” VP, in shock, claimed she hadn’t seen the person. She insisted she was paying attention to the road, but the evidence suggested otherwise. Her live chat witnessed the chaos as she desperately tried to find a safe place to pull over.

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Astonishingly, No Arrest

Hours later, VP went live again, leaving viewers stunned. Despite her reckless behavior and the serious consequences, she had not been arrested. Her explanation? The sun had blinded her, and the accident had “nothing to do” with drug use or reading chat messages while driving. She even claimed that the police had let her go. It was a jaw-dropping revelation for those who had witnessed the initial incident.

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