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Who is Jonathan Mogbo? The 7 Ft Rookie Could be a Top NBA Prospect

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Jonathan Mogbo, forward from the University of San Francisco (USF), has emerged as an intriguing prospect for NBA teams. With his impressive physical attributes and versatile skills, Mogbo is making waves in the pre-draft process.

A tweet by Jonathan Givony, ” Mogbo is intriguing to NBA teams with his 7-foot-2 wingspan, 9-foot standing reach, and outstanding ball-handling, passing, and defensive versatility. He ranked second in this class in dunks behind only Zach Edey.”

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These qualities, along with the fact that he is second in his class in terms of dunking, only to Zach Edey, have made Mogbo a player to keep an eye on in the next NBA drafts.

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Jonathan Mogbo: Skill Set

Mogbo’s physical attributes are impressive. Standing at 7 feet tall with a wingspan of 7-foot-2, he has a commanding presence on the court. This translates to dominance in rebounding and shot-blocking due to his significant reach. His agility for his size allows him to guard different positions and disrupt passing lanes.

Beyond his physical prowess, Jonathan Mogbo boasts exceptional ball-handling skills for a big man. He can initiate the offense, handle the ball in transition, and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. His passing ability makes him a valuable asset in offensive sets.

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The defensive flexibility of Jonathan Mogbo


Jonathan Mogbo’s defensive versatility is another strength. He can switch onto smaller guards and wings due to his agility and wingspan. He is a shot-blocking menace in the paint, deterring opponents from driving. Offensively, Mogbo’s athleticism translates to highlight-reel dunks. He’s also a well-rounded scorer with a mid-range jump shot and post moves in his repertoire.

Mogbo’s lone season at USF was nothing short of impressive. He averaged a double-double with 14.2 points and a conference-leading 10.1 rebounds per game. But his impact goes beyond scoring and rebounding. Jonathan Mogbo showcased surprising playmaking ability, averaging 3.6 assists per game, working well alongside teammate Marcus Williams. This versatility extended to initiating the offense and bringing the ball up the court, demonstrating a well-rounded skillset.

These strong performances translated into a significant rise in his draft stock. Currently ranked No. 42 on ESPN’s Top 100 draft prospects, Jonathan Mogbo has caught the eye of NBA scouts and general managers. His unique blend of size, skill, and versatility makes him a player with a bright future in the NBA.

Mogbo’s position as the second-best dunker in his class is one of his most amazing accomplishments and an indication to his combustibility and swiftness near the rim. He has all the attributes needed to succeed at the next level of competition because to his combination of size, talent, and athleticism.

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