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What Do NBA Players Do after Retirement?

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NBA players spend significant time traveling from state to state and playing back-to-back, away from their homes and families. This commitment makes the NBA what it is today and allows fans to enjoy the games and wager on an online casino.

As you get entertained due to the relentless dedication and focus of basketball players, the commitment can take a toll on the players’ bodies. Like any other sport, basketball is strenuous on the mind and body. After several years of playing, NBA stars end up feeling immense exhaustion and fatigue.

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Another critical thing to note is that basketballers continue to age while new and younger players are recruited to the team. Younger players have more energy, making it hard for them to compete regardless of their talent.

Keeping up with the NBA lifestyle also becomes more challenging, and they are eventually forced to quit or retire. So, where do NBA players go or do after retirement?

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Why Most NBA Players Want a Career After Retirement

With the millions of dollars in payouts that retired NBA players receive, you would expect them to transition to other things but not join the workforce. NBA players have had an elaborate pension plan since 1965.

The new life after retiring often ends up being isolated and boring compared to their glamorous NBA life. Training, traveling, and game schedules have been their life for most players. Resuming normal life can be challenging, and joining the workforce often gives them drive, purpose, and ambition, which makes the transition easier.

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Even if the players get generous retirement packages, identifying activities that keep them engaged daily is essential.

So what are NBA Players Doing after Retirement?

  1. Rejoin NBA

This might come as a surprise, but retired players can rejoin the NBA. The most famous case of rejoining is Michael Jordan, who retired in 1993 but decided to return in 1995. The exciting part is that he rejoined the Chicago Bulls, which he played for since the launch of his career.

While some players rejoin NBA out of necessity, others do so due to hunger to compete and passion for the game. Regardless of the reason, the league is always ready to welcome the players back. The Covid-19 pandemic also saw some careers brought back to life.

  1. Become Basketball Coaches

This is one of the most common choices for veteran NBA players after retirement. If you do research, you will notice that most of the head coaches are former NBA players. The path is obvious, especially for players with a passion for the game and deep knowledge.

Many players are happy to draw up games on a whiteboard and the day-to-day life of a coach. Players that have chosen this suite before include Jerry Sloan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.

Many teams prefer to hire new coaches instead of recycling old ones. Apart from the professional teams, there are opportunities for players who wish to become head coaches in high schools and colleges.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel or Podcast

The athlete podcast’s popularity is rising, and this is one of the areas retired players consider joining. JJ Redick is one of the many veteran NBA players running successful podcasts. Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes are former NBA players with a successful podcast.

It is called All the Smoke, where they talk about and give their unfiltered opinions on basketball topics, music, politics, social justice, and much more.

Starting a podcast and sharing your knowledge and opinions on basketball is an exciting opportunity. Many fans wait to hear former players talk about how the game works. The former players also invite NBA stars as hosts for their shows.

  1. Go Back to Class

Not everyone graduates from college at the expected age. Statistics show that over 8 million students over 24 years of age are in college. Athletes make up a small percentage of the mentioned students.

Former NBA stars going back to college is not something new. Shaquille O’Neal, a four-time NBA champion, returned to university to complete his doctoral degree in 2012. J.R. Smith, who had always wanted to go to college before joining NBA, made his way back to actualize his vision.

Greg Oden retired from the NBA at the very tender age of 28 due to an injury. After his retirement, he went back to college at Ohio State and became the school team’s assistant manager.

It is not too late to start something, and going back to college has given many former players the opportunity to steer their careers in different directions and thrive.

Do Retired NBA Players Get Pensions?

NBA has some of the highest-paid athletes, who are also entitled to a pension after retirement. Eligible players must have played for at least three years in the league.

Other benefits the players have access to include health coverage, access to mental and physical benefits, and college tuition reimbursements.


Players retire from NBA for several reasons. It could be an injury, old age, illness, and personal reasons. After retirement, most of them create new paths which are not necessarily linked to basketball.

Former players can become entrepreneurs, head coaches, run podcasts, or go back to school and grad


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