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Russian Arm Wrestler Vitaly Laletin Replaced By Dave Chaffee Against Alex Kurdecha At King Of The Table 3

Russian arm wrestling icon Vitaly Laletin, who was supposed to pull Alex Kurdecha in the upcoming King Of The Table 3 event this month, has been replaced by American arm wrestler Dave Chaffee, and the decision comes in the wake of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several sporting bodies have taken a stance against Russian athletes and officials from taking part in their events, along with calling off events that were supposed to take place in Russia.

Larry Wheels confirms Dave Chaffee has replaced Vitaly Laletin to face Alex Kurdecha at KOTT 3.0 

With less than a month away, KOTT 3.0, which will take place on 26th March and the third edition of the grand arm wrestling event “King Of The Table”, was set to feature Vitali Laletin, the Honored Master of Sports in arm wrestling who is a five time Russian Champion, seven time European and World Champion, taking on Alex Kurdecha, the 2014 Polish Champion and 2017 Zloty Tur +105 kg bronze medallist.

However, with several sports starting to boycott Russian athletes, Laletin has also been omitted from the top arm wrestling event and in his place, PAL International Super heavyweight Champion and WAF World Champion Dave Chaffee will be seen in action against Kurdecha.

It was confirmed that Laletin was replaced by Chaffee in a recent video featuring Kurdecha himself on Larry Wheels’ official YouTube channel, titled “HOW TO TRAIN LIKE A WORLD CLASS ARM WRESTLER ft ALEX KURDECHA“. The video description read “Alex Kurdecha vs Dave Chaffee” for KOTT 3.0, along with Wagner Bortolato going up against Ermes Gasparini, Larry Wheels taking on Khaled Jashell, as well as the main event of Sarah Backman vs Gabi Vasconcelos. On top of that, Wheels himself confirmed that Kurdecha will be pulling Chaffee towards the end of the video.


  • Alex Kurdecha will face Dave Chaffee instead of Vitaly Laletin in the upcoming King Of The Table 3 event on 26th March
  • Laletin, who is Russian, was omitted from the event in the wake of the ongoing Russia vs Ukraine war
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