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Read Tyron Woodley’s heated Twitter tussle with NFL star Le’Veon Bell following Jake Paul rematch

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Stepping in as a replacement for the injured Tommy Fury didn’t prove to be fruitful for Tyron Woodley as he went up against Jake Paul for the second time on 18th December at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida. The former UFC welterweight champion hit the canvas after suffering a 6th round KO defeat at the hands of ‘The Problem Child’, but is now involved in a verbal tussle against NFL star Le’Veon Bell after the latter’s assessment of the fight, and the two had gotten into a brawl on Twitter.

Tyron Woodley accuses Le’Veon Bell of ‘clout chasing’ after Jake Paul fight

If their previous encounter wasn’t met with enough eyebrow raises, Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 ended in a cold knockout from the undefeated celebrity boxer, who has now defeated two former MMA world champions for the third time, also counting his win over Ben Askren. The first time Paul and Woodley clashed, on 28th August, ended in a split decision win for Paul. One judge scored the fight 77–75 for Woodley, while the other two judges scored it 77–75 and 78–74 in the favor of Paul.

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Following the fight, NFL Running Back Le’Veon Bell, who is currently a free agent, called out Jake Paul on Twitter, challenging him for a boxing match, as well as snubbed Woodley by telling Paul to stop fighting people “who can’t box”.

The tweet from Bell came under the radar of Woodley after a mention from none other than Paul himself, who took a cheeky jibe at the former Ravens player, as well as proposing a match between Bell and Woodley in the next MVP event.

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“Aye @TWooodley  this clown saying you can’t box. How about you show him as part of the next MVP event? Tyron would drop you faster than the Ravens !!” tweeted Jake.

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Noticing this, Woodley came back with a fiery response, claiming that it was just one mistake that he made inside the squared circle. “Cause i made one mistake you think it’s sweet? Don’t get it fucked up homeboy,” tweeted ‘The Chosen One’.

In his response, Bell claimed that Woodley made more mistakes than one. “you made more than just one mistake…he just slept you for that last mistake you made,” the 29-year-old added.

Up next, Woodley accused Bell of ‘clout chasing’ and claimed that the RB was getting into boxing despite not belonging from the combat sports fraternity.

“So you coat tailing. I get it. See a person courageous enough to go into battle, and use that to try to throw your name in there for a bag. Without making that walk. That’s defined as clout chasing. Surprising from you,” Woodley insisted, who also got the support from Jake Paul’s older brother Logan Paul.


  • Tyron Woodley engaged into a verbal brawl with NFL free agent Le’Veon Bell on Twitter after Jake Paul fight
  • Bell asked Paul to box and to stop fighting ‘non-boxers’ as a jab to Woodley
  • Woodley accused Bell of ‘clout chasing’ and said he’s trying to securing a fight despite not being from the combat sports fraternity
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