The Rock’s fan flaunts a tattoo as a homage to Rocky Johnson

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The wrestler-turned actor The Rock belongs to the rich heritage of the Samoan family and he is third generation star to represent his family.He is a popular figure and has millions of fans starting from his days of WWE. Recently one of the fans paid tribute to his father Rocky Johnson as he showed off the ink.

The Rock responds to the fan

The Rock's fan flaunts a tattoo as a homage to Rocky Johnson - THE SPORTS ROOM

The fans have been enjoying after they got to known the stories of The Rock’s life from the NBC series ‘Young Rock.’ The show has given the fans a chance to take a peak at The Great One’s rich family heritage. The former WWE Champion is currently being seen as a influential figure whom some fans can look upto.

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One of fans on Twitter reached out to The Rock and revealed a tattoo he just got of The Great One’s father, Rocky Johnson. It was a very well done tattoo and this surprise also blew The People’s Champion away.

The Rock said: “Wow this caught me off guard a bit. My old man would’ve LOVED to have seen this. This is a first. Thank you! Actually, I think the Soulman is seeing this right now in spirit.”

On another instance WWE star Ariya Daivari recently revealed that he bought his mother a new washer and dryer. He posted about this and said how great it is to be able to do this for his family.

However, Daivari also noted that he can’t buy a house for his mother the way The Rock does. But he believes he will reach there someday.

The Great One then praised the star and he believes Daivari will get there. He told him to work hard inside the squared circle.

He said: “Love this post. One day you will buy your mama everything you want to buy her. I know the grind so keep working hard in the ring brother and hopefully you guys will get back out on the road soon taking care of the people. (tell your mama I said hi and she must be very proud).”

Rocky Johnson was unfortunate that he could not witness the Young Rock series. The final episode of season one saw a touching tribute to him.