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The Future of Sports: Why Are Temporary Sports Facilities Taking Over?

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When you think about major sports events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, you usually associate these events with permanent structures such as stadiums. However, recently things have begun to change and a new trend is emerging in sports—the use of temporary sports facilities.

Schools, businesses and other organisations are choosing to set up temporary facilities in order to host sporting events. Temporary facilities often offer an affordable, quick and convenient solution to their needs for events of all kinds and sizes. In this article, we look at the reasons that are helping temporary sports facilities take over the sports world, and how you could use them to host sporting events without any hassles.

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Understanding temporary sports facilities

While permanent facilities take a long time to build and it costs a huge amount of money, temporary sports facilities are constructed in a much shorter timeframe (They can be ready from the factory in 7-21 days) and at just a fraction of the cost of permanent ones. Furthermore, temporary facilities can also be quickly disassembled and stored if they are not needed anymore, or relocated to other locations where they may be needed.

These sports facilities offer a perfect alternative to conventional structures but do not compromise on quality and durability. You can even go for some longer-term solutions that come with a 35 years warranty. And the good thing is that you can decide on how you want your structure made, whether it be from steel, PVC cladding or even steel roof options.

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Reasons for the rise in popularity of temporary sports facilities

The increase in the popularity of temporary sports facilities is due to several reasons:


It is no secret that temporary sports facilities are cheaper than permanent structures, yet they can offer the same level of functionality. Even greater cost savings are possible when the buildings are needed only for a short time or for special events when it is possible to lease them instead of buying them or spending massive amounts building permanent structures. And if you need to save costs using temporary sports structures, you can check out this useful site.

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Quick installation

When you have sporting events coming up imminently and you need the facilities in place to host them, you can consider leasing or buying temporary sports facilities. These structures can be installed in a few days or weeks and be ready for use, be it for indoor or outdoor games sparing the hosts the headache of finding where to have the various activities held.

Better functionality

Besides huge cost savings, temporary sports facilities can also offer better functionality. This is because you can equip them with any equipment you need to offer state-of-the-art amenities and equipment allowing athletes to enjoy the best experience ever.


The construction of permanent structures involves the use of heavy machines and equipment, excavation and other destructive activities that leave a permanent negative impact on the environment.

On the other hand, temporary facilities do not cause as much damage as the modules or parts are made in the factory and are assembled at the site. In addition, they use fewer materials and consume less energy and the materials that make them could be reused or recycled after the structures are no longer useful.

Portability and flexibility

No matter the use or the event for which the temporary sports facilities are needed, these structures can easily be customised so that their size and shape match the needs and the particular event. In addition, these facilities are easy to dismantle and transport to different locations or to allow the use of the space where they stand if the sports facilities are not needed at a given time.


Certainly, temporary sports facilities are the future of sports because they have so many benefits. They are cost-effective, quick to set up, easy to customise to suit the users’ needs and portable and flexible. In addition, these structures have less environmental impact and can be equipped with various amenities to serve users better.


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