Samoa Joe outlines massive transition from in-ring performer to other roles in WWE

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The NXT enforcer Samoa Joe had been one of the top stars of WWE. It is needless to say that he had excelled whenever he stepped foot in the ring for a battle.

But, over the years he has experimented on trying out new roles in the company and his journey has evolved from being a performer to being in other non-wrestling roles.

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During a recent interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, the former NXT Champion talked about variety of topics. He also reflected on his journey in the company.

Samoa Joe was offered different roles following his return to NXT

Samoa Joe outlines massive transition from in-ring performer to other roles in WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

Samoa Joe was previously released by WWE back in April this year due to budget cuts. But, the ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ revealed that Triple H was quick to reach out to time and offered a new deal for the non-wrestling role, given that he is not cleared to wrestle.

Both the parties had agreed on the fresh deal and Joe eventually made his return to the black and gold brand as the enforcer.

But, it turns out he serves the company in other significant backstage roles as well apart from being the on-screen enforcer. During the interview, he revealed the roles he is currently working in.

He said: “It wasn’t just coming back to NXT and being an enforcer and having a role on the show. Now I’m working in the talent scouting department, a few more administrative things behind the scenes, so it’s a little bit of a transition for me too, into some of the other aspects of the business of the WWE. So, it’s kind of an evolution of my journey.”

Samoa Joe

Joe also has previous experience of working as the color commentator on Monday Night Raw, and also in behind the scenes role for the production team. He thanked Triple H for giving him the opportunities and it is evident that Joe had brought out the best out of every opportunity.

He said: “I’ve gone to the commentary, the production, now I’m working a bit more on behind-the-house types of things. It was a really great, cool opportunity that Hunter offered me. And [I’m] still performing here in the bounds of the WWE.

He added: “So, it was a nice understanding that we’ve come to and I’m really excited about some of the projects we’re going to be working on.”

When asked about a potential in-ring return, he said ‘yes’ but did not revealed any details about it.