R-Truth jokes on Roman Reigns’ mistake on SmackDown

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The WWE star R-Truth recently took a shot at the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns for his mistake in a backstage segment involving The Tribal Chief and The Usos(Jimmy and Jey Uso).

What happened in the backstage segment?

Last week’s Friday Night SmackDown saw a backstage segment which involved WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Usos. The backstage segment took place following the match between The Usos and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rey and Dominik Mysterio. It was the father-son duo who emerged victorious and retained the titles.

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Roman Reigns was furious with The Usos and he reminded his cousins that Jey became a main event star when Jimmy was out of action with injury.

He then looked at Jey Uso and said, “Do you understand my position now, Jimmy?” Jey then pointed out Reigns’ mistake and Tribal Chief responded: “The way things are going, doesn’t matter anyways.”

R-Truth pokes fun at Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

This Wednesday WWE on FOX’s Instagram handle shared a clip of the segment along with the caption,”@RomanReigns is so savage.”

R-Truth took note of the social media post and joked that Reigns had an R-Truth moment.

He said: “Big Uce had a R-Truth moment. we all forget sometime”

You can check out the screenshot of R-Truth’s comment below:

R-Truth jokes on Roman Reigns' mistake on SmackDown - THE SPORTS ROOM

The turmoil continues in the family

Jey Uso has become the right hand man of Roman Reigns but he had previously denied to acknowledge his cousin, Reigns as ‘The Head of the Table’. During their feud he had pointed out the fact how The Usos had to dealt with identity crisis and people got confused about who’s who as they were twins.

Now, with Reigns making the same mistake after all these months, it would certainly create some problems in the family,if not already.

The Usos had once again faced The Mysterios in the main event of SmackDown as in the earlier match the challengers were not properly pinned.

Thus, The Usos were granted another title match in the main event. However, The Tribal Chief being fed up with The Usos, he took the matter in his own hands and assaulted the Tag Team Champions causing a DQ finish.

Jimmy Uso had left the ring when Reigns started the attack and Jey also went on to leave the ring but Reigns stopped him.

It was soon announced that Roman Reigns is set to defend the Universal title against Rey Mysterio at Hell In A Cell pay-per-view which is a couple of weeks away. We will see how this feud progresses in the upcoming weeks.