Ricochet slams the rumours of him parting ways with WWE


Ricochet, the WWE star recently took to social media and reflected on the rumours which said that he could be leaving WWE very soon.

Ricochet comments on the rumors of him leaving WWE


Speculations have been floating around that Ricochet’s contract with WWE is expiring soon and he has decided not to pen down an contract extension and the same was reported in an article. Further some of the reports said that he could be leaving Vince McMahon’s company this week itself.

But, the former WWE United States Champion took to Twitter and broke his silence on all the rumor that has been circulating recently. He said that the rumors are ‘fake’ and cleared the turmoil that was created. His Twitter handle read: “This is fake.”

Check out the Tweet below:

The fans would be certainly relieved and happy to hear the news that he would not be leaving the company.

It is yet to be cofirmed though that whether Ricochet extending his contract with WWE. The expiry date of the contract is confidential and no word has come from the sources or the star himself about the extension.

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WWE had made the announcement that Ricochet had inked a deal with the company on January 16th, 2018. He had signed a three-year deal when he joined the company.

Ricochet slams the rumours of him parting ways with WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

The star has couple of days on his current contract and yet to be confirmed whether he signs a new deal or not.

Ricochet’s recent storyline with RETRIBUTION

RETIBUTION’s Mace took to Twitter and opined that the former WWE United States Champion should join their stable and they had been trying to get him onboard for a long time now. Mace’s Twitter handle read: “HE SHOULD GO TO RETRIBUTION”.

Ricochet slams the rumours of him parting ways with WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

Ricochet and Mustafa Ali-led RETRIBUTION has been in a boiling a feud recently on WWE Raw.

However, it did not make a progress on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw as RETRIBUTION member, T-Bar had defeated New Day’s Xavier Woods in a singles match, keeping the Ricochet-RETRIBUTION angle in doubt.

It is to be seen if the stroyline restarts in the near future or who knows he might end up joining the heel stable as well.

What are your thoughts on the storyline? Will he sign a new contract or land in a different company?

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