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Penny Hardaway Reveals How this Now Banned Treatment Ended His NBA Career

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Penny Hardaway, once considered an NBA superstar, faced a career-altering decision—one that would ultimately shape his legacy. In a candid revelation, he shared how a medical procedure led to the downfall of his promising career.

A tweet by NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) highlights Hardaway’s recent comments:

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“Penny Hardaway calls his decision to have microfracture surgery on his knee ‘the worst decision I’ve ever made.’ Today, the procedure is no longer practiced by doctors. ( @pointforward /”

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Hardaway’s story offers valuable insights into the risks associated with sports injuries and the evolving landscape of sports medicine. Let’s delve deeper into microfracture surgery, explore its impact on Hardaway’s career, and analyze the reasons behind its decline in popularity.

A Risky Gamble: Microfracture Surgery Explained

Microfracture surgery, popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s, aimed to repair damaged cartilage in the knee. The procedure involved drilling small holes in the subchondral bone, stimulating the growth of new cartilage tissue.

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While initially hailed as a breakthrough treatment for athletes with knee injuries, microfracture surgery came with significant risks. The new cartilage formed through this procedure was often weaker and more prone to further damage. Additionally, the long-term effects of drilling holes in the bone were not fully understood.

A Promising Career Cut Short: Penny Hardaway’s Story

Penny Hardaway Reveals How this Now Banned Treatment Ended His NBA Career - THE SPORTS ROOM

Penny Hardaway entered the NBA in 1993 with a dazzling skillset and boundless potential. He quickly became a star in Orlando, showcasing his athleticism and playmaking abilities. However, a knee injury in 1999 forced him to undergo microfracture surgery.

While Hardaway attempted to return to his previous form, his explosiveness and mobility were noticeably diminished. He battled injuries throughout the remainder of his career, never quite regaining his peak performance. Hardaway’s recent comments solidify the belief that the microfracture surgery ultimately robbed him of his prime years.

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